Clear Quartz


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Wildly popular, high-vibration, powerful healing crystal that is sometimes called the Perfect Jewel. It is known as the ultimate metaphysical crystal tool. It is also known as the Universal Crystal, because it is the most versatile healing crystal, and can truly be a perfect choice for any purpose for healing, calmness, harmony, expansion of consciousness, attracting prosperity, meditation, protection, dream recall, improved energy, and more. it is the easiest crystal to program, enhances psychic abilities, amplifies energy, and protects against negativity, it is an excellent manifestation crystal, truly excellent.

  • Clear quartz is a rock star for amplifying energies. It resonates at the level of your particular need, so it immediately acts upon the intention you program into it.
  • Feel a greater connection between the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension that can enhance your psychic vision, and enhance your communication with spirits, plants, animals, and minerals.
  • A wonderfully powerful crystal to transition you to a deep meditative state, where you are free of distractions, and feeling connected to source.

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