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It is a vibrant, bold, and happy stone that encourages sharing, pleasure, courage, and security. You will find more ambition to start or continue on your best path in life, and it will be easier to make sound decisions to help you reach your goals. Carnelian balances emotions and dispels envy, rage, resentment, apathy, poor self-confidence, and lethargy. Carnelian helps you to stand up for yourself, learn to love your life more, and appreciate your situation and those around you.

  • Helps prevent your home from theft, accidents, storms, and fires. Helps you clarify your voice, so that you feel more confident and eloquent in public speaking, or help you sing or do theatre.s.
  • Stimulates creativity and stamina in implementing your visions if you are an architect or involved in large scale projects. Great aids for physical training and coordination, in case you are an athlete looking for a boost.
  • Great stone to use in the workplace, either internally, or nestled somewhere in your work environment, to help attract prosperity, good luck, and determination, as well as to deflect excessive or unrealistic demands.

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