”My Passion is to Activate Self-awarenss to take you on the New Journey of Self-love”-Svetlana B

Svetlana Burckhardt

An Entrepreneur with multiple businesses through many years. A successful Trainer and Coach of Hypnotherapy/NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner. A Published Author and CEO/Founder of EyebrowExperts that has been established for 14 outstanding years. Cosmetic Tattooist Trainer, Personal Branding Style & Beauty Coach, Educator and Modern Counsellor.

With almost two decades of experience in Beauty Industry & Personal Development, she found strong correlation between looking good and feeling good. She developed the unique system of coaching clients to give them confidence with assertiveness in the new way of thinking. It takes them to the new journey of knowing the inner world. It creates deep personal relationship with themselves and others which builds high self esteem. 

As a residency trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Svetlana specialises in Personal Development with variety of Hypnotherapy sessions such as Quit Smoking, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Achieving High Performance, Post-Plastic Surgery Depression, Plastic Surgery Addiction and more. She highly focuses on having hypnotherapy sessions to treat PTSD, depression, migraines, performance anxiety, addictions, OCD, grief, cancer, childbirth, sleep and more.

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