”My Passion is to Activate Self-awareness to take you on the New Journey of Self-love”-Svetlana B

Svetlana Burckhardt

A lover of life and a believer in humanity, Svetlana is a modern registered counselor, a successful trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Access Consciousness, Psych K & Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Energy Medicine & Quantum Healer and much more.

She is passionate about beauty/brows and helping people.

An Entrepreneur with multiple businesses through many years. A Published Authors and CEO/Founder of EyebrowExperts that has been established for 16 outstanding years. Cosmetic Tattooist Trainer, Beauty Coach & Educator.

With almost two decades of experience in Personal & Spiritual Development and Beauty Industry, she found strong correlation between looking good and feeling good. She developed the unique system of coaching clients to give them confidence with assertiveness in the new way of feeling. It takes them to the new journey of knowing the inner world. It creates deep personal relationship with themselves and others which builds high self-esteem.

As a residency trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Svetlana specialises in Personal & Spiritual Development with variety of Hypnotherapy sessions such as Quit Smoking, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Achieving High Performance, Post-Plastic Surgery Depression, Plastic Surgery Addiction, PTSD, depression, migraine, anxiety, addictions, OCD, grief, cancer, childbirth, relationship separation, insomnia and more.

She is helping adults & kids and the disadvantaged and under-privileged navigate their anxiety and depression to lead to a more fulfilling life.

Svetlana knows that people are a product of their environment but with will and dedication, anyone can change for the better. Svetlana is an advocate in making therapeutic education available to everyone so we can all do our part in helping ourselves and each other.

In her spare time, she can be found traveling all over the world, immersing herself in books of all topics, playing with her human and fury kids, plants and crystals, painting art, or exploring nature.

Join Many Successful &Happy Clients!


Achieving High Performance

Ideal for Real Estate Agents and other sales or business people currently operating in environments were promoting peak performance at all times is key.

Quit Smoking

Ready to regain control over your habits and embark yourself in a journey of healthy living? Svetlana can help you get rid of the cigarrette once and for all.

Weight Loss

Svetlana understands the challenges behind healthy eating and attaining to a healthy life style. Finally leave those extra kilos behind and step onto the scale with confidence.


Svetlana definitely know what she is doing. Her positive aura radiates and you will easily feel comfortable talking to her. I definitely recommend her services to everyone, especially to those who are experiencing anxiety. She will listen and make you feel that you are not alone. She would not judge, but instead help you battle the negative emotions surrounding you.

Talk to someone, and that someone is Svetlana. Thanks again Svetlana!

Calriza A.

Svetlana is an amazing coach who has changed my life. Anyone who has been through a difficult time will know how hard it is to just find someone who listens to and accepts you. Svetlana has been very patient and caring, she never judges me and shows understanding to all of the difficulties I was having. I now have confidence in facing the challenges in my life. Thank you Svetlana.

HY Fung

Svetlana is one impressive woman. She has knowledge and skills in so many different areas. She brings all her talents to the fore through her coaching and hypnosis services. If you’re in need of some empowerment and wanting a helping hand to get you to where you want to be, lock in some time with Svetlana and you won’t be disappointed.

Irene L.

It’s not always easy to find a good life coach that is worth her salt. She was patient with me, listened well to understand my problems, and showed empathy. She asked the questions that helped me reassessed my situation and then helped to steer me back in the right direction! She is talented and multi-skilled!

Emmanuel Tobbing

Svetlana is an amazing coach and I find it perfect your able to have a free 20 minute session via phone or Skype so you can work out if she is the perfect fit for you pay for longer coaching sessions to assist in any personal or professional aspects of your life. If required Svetlana is able to perform hypnosis minimising the amount of different people you may need to see to get the results you are after. I highly recommend the coaching and hypnosis services that Svetlana offers she has helped me immensely.

Katrina Sheard