”Clarity of your communication is the clarity of your life!” – Svetlana B. 



Life to the Fullest ?

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a business owner? Are you a busy mother/wife?

Are you happy in your life or are you putting yourself as second? Are you earning the money and rewards that you want in your Business?

The key to your success lies in your Unconscious Mind. Imagine what you could do with an extra 95%, would that be something worth activating?

The world is a reflection of your consciousness- your happiness, wealth and your success in all areas of life is a barometer of your unconscious programming and conditioning and majority of it from your childhood. If you are not happy with your relationship or you are not satisfied with your results in your business or you want to find your purpose and passion in life.

Svetlana has coached hundreds and thousands of clients and students. She developed the unique system of coaching clients to give them confidence with assertiveness in the new way of thinking.

Join Many Successful & Happy Clients!


Wow! what an amazing person with so much knowledge and skills to help you become your authentic self and let go of the past and issues your  facing in life. I had some truly life transforming sessions and I highly recommend Svetlana.

Kathryn Shah

Svetlana has a rare combination of business acumen and coaching talent. Her coaching sessions made a major impact on my life personally and professionally. Thank you for knowing how to cut through and make a difference in my life. If you have any pressure to make a change and want to be coached by one of best then I’d recommend you speak to Svetlana and sooner than later.

Bruce Carter

If your looking for someone who is amazingly good with coaching and hypnosis, I would highly recommend Svetlana. She is brilliant! She always brings that positive atmosphere that makes you realized how great anyone can be and I’m thankful that I made the right choice.

Irene L.

Svetlana was so engaging and strong with me, with humour as well and always showed that she genuinely cared about my personal development. I usually go into my own world and thoughts when I’ve been at other therapies sessions with other therapists I have been to, but I was switched on every second and developed new skills that helped me see myself better and the world I live in, In a whole new way.

Carmel B.

Svetlana is amazing. She is always professional and uplifting. If you are struggling with anything from eating disorders, anxiety, public speaking issues or relationship problems, then please make an appointment to see her, you will leave feeling empowered and supported.  She offers a range of services including hypnosis and personal coaching. She is a dynamic woman who genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to succeed in life. She has a unique insight, and she can connect with people, inspire them and nurtures them to move in a positive direction. Go ahead and make an appointment you won’t regret it.

Nicole Campbell


Achieving High Performance

Ideal for Real Estate Agents and other sales or business people currently operating in environments were promoting peak performance at all times is key.

Quit Smoking

Ready to regain control over your habits and embark yourself in a journey of healthy living? Svetlana can help you get rid of the cigarrette once and for all.

Weight Loss

Svetlana understands the challenges behind healthy eating and attaining to a healthy life style. Finally leave those extra kilos behind and step onto the scale with confidence.