Changing my life so I can help you change yours

Hi there, all you amazing people! How are you doing? (I mean it! Send me a PM; I love to hear from you!)
Now, if you were to ask me that question … I’d have to say I’m doing amazingly well. That’s because I’ve been changing my life so I can help you change yours.

Lately, I’ve been working on my NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Master Coach certification. I’ve been an accredited NLP practitioner for 8 years, and now I’m getting lots of practice working on more advanced techniques with a huge group of other skilled NLP professionals.

These are awesome techniques and I believe they can really help YOU.

Wait a second – I know what you’re probably thinking. I can almost see that skeptical look on your face. Hear me out.

This is ME, right? You know I don’t make overblown claims. There’s nothing fake about what I’m telling you. I’ve built up my business as an eyebrow expert in Sydney and if you’ve met me you know how down to earth and REAL I am. I’m proud to always tell it to you straight, so you know what I’m saying here isn’t some magical fairy tale.

It’s as REAL as I am. It happened to me. And now, I want to make it happen for you, too.

I want to tell you how I went from being an introvert to being an extrovert – even speaking to groups of people without being afraid.

I want to tell you how I freed myself from a lifetime of negative emotions. Do you know how liberating it is to finally love freely, without secretly believing I didn’t deserve love in return? To be able to just DELETE negative emotions as easily as you might delete an unwanted email?

Most importantly, I want to tell you about changes I’ve helped other people make since I’ve been practicing NLP coaching. NLP isn’t some kind of fringe field – publications like Psychology Today and Time Magazine have been raving about it for years already.

Through NLP, I’ve seen a man with a fear of Go-Karting after an accident finally daring to get back out there and face his fear! A chronic procrastinator who could never get the job done finally realizing the source of her problem and tackling tasks as life throws them at her!

There are so many stories, but the one story I want to hear most is YOUR story. Now that I have these tools and this certification, I want to use them to help others. Do you know anyone who wants to have better relationships, delete negative emotions, beliefs or phobias, practice timeline therapy, and set the goals in any area of their life, health and business? Of course you do. Maybe it’s you, maybe a friend or someone else you care about.

Please have them get in touch with me. Send me an e-mail on or call me on 049-778-4778. If I don’t answer right away, be sure to leave a message so I can personally get back to you right away. I also offer Skype consultation!



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Waxing Queen – The Sequel

Waxing Queen – The Sequel

IMG_1157Have you read my book Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen? If you haven’t, you absolutely must. It’s not just about Brazilians! It’s a fun and factual romp through my life as a beauty professional and confidante to hundreds of women.

Whenever women visit me in my Sydney studio, they bring their stories of insecurity, love and occasionally triumph. Whatever their stories, I love hearing and sharing them all – in a way that’s completely confidential, of course!

I wrote that book when I was pregnant and I just felt like it was the ultimate way to share everything I love about my work as a beauty professional. As the title says, waxing is part of it, but I enjoy every aspect, from eyebrow shaping to hair removal and cosmetic tattooing.

But the beauty business changes so quickly that I have SOoooo much more to share with you. I’m 100% positive there’s another book inside me just DYING to get out.

And that’s where you come in! I need to hear from you, my friends, about what topics you’d want to see included in the next book.

What do you want to read about? My practice includes absolutely everything, and I still have a million fun stories to tell along with a million insights that can help other women.

Reviewers all over the world have raved about Confessions. Help kickstart the excitement that the next book is sure to bring!


Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

ebookYou’ve never heard stories like these before! Unless, that is, you’ve heard them from me ,Svetlana Burckhardt, Sydney’s renowned Brazilian Waxing Queen.

While the 1990s’ Sex and the City popularized the “Brazilian look,” the discomfort of the procedure led to a decline around the globe… until I led the movement to bring it back with my very own unique “Seven-Minute Brazilian” technique. By making the procedure simpler and quicker, I was able to give my clients the best possible experience – and keep them coming back again and again.

IMG_0952Now, in my book, Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen, I dish out stories from below the belt. From the new mom who fell asleep on the table to her special touch with nervous first-timers and others who need just a little special TLC, I am literally sharing secrets – including diet, hair-care and beauty tips – from over 14 years in the beauty business operating my own successful salon.

I wrote my book because I had accumulated lots of stories from my experience working with people.

Clients come looking for more than just tips for keeping their hair under control – from styling eyebrows to perfection to almost any other area of the body. They also confide about all aspects of their lives. That’s why I published the book, to let others know that they are not alone.

I hoped to help women. I work with women all the time, so I know we all share many of the same problems, their concerns, and worries. We’re just at different points in our lives.

So who chooses the Brazilian look these days? You’d be surprised. Even the most reserved and professional women love to remove their hair ‘down there. Unless you’ve taken a peek around the ladies’ locker room, you’d never guess.

I am originally from Uzbekistan, a Muslim country in the former Soviet Union, I grew up admiring the beautiful, exotic look and careful grooming of the Muslim women around me. Today, I bring that exoticism and admiration to Australia, where I am a proud migrant who was forced to master English before I could open my own business.

I simply adore the freedom Australia provides women, and whether as a beauty professional, author, blogger or professional speaker, I want and wish to help women get the most out of the rights and freedoms they enjoy here. I want to give women the chance to get what they want out of life.

As an independent business owner who has built up my practice and reputation from rock bottom and difficult personal circumstances, I am glad to finally be giving back to the community through my books and speaking engagements.

It’s amazing to be able to share something!


Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Have you heard the news? Australia is going cruelty-free! After a 2-year campaign by animal rights advocates, Australia’s raising itself to EU standards, banning animal testing here and the import of cruelty cosmetics from abroad.

As a beauty professional and a vegetarian who strongly believes in living a cruelty-free life, I feel like this new law has given my soul a gift. It’s like a weight off my shoulders. Shouldn’t we avoid harming any life, any other beings? To me, it’s just karma: it always comes back at you somehow.

Everything really comes down to energy. Energy is a vibration, and you choose what kind of energy you put into the world. What you put in – well, that’s what you get back from the world, too.

But here’s the thing. Lots of women here in Australia aren’t sure whether their cosmetics are cruelty-free or not. Or they want to go cruelty-free but don’t want to risk switching brands if they have a beauty regimen and a product line that’s already working for them. Who wants to mess with all of that?

But I have one simple suggestion that will SAVE YOU TIME on your daily beauty routine AND guarantee you never have to risk using cruelty cosmetics. The answer: cosmetic tattooing. It’s subtle, and a more gentle procedure than you might think. And the best part is: nobody will ever guess that it’s actually a tattoo.



If you’ve invested in good brands of cosmetics – I’m not talking about the cheap stuff teenagers get away with – then you’re probably paying quite a bit for those products. And by the way, all the major brands are still testing on animals, so be careful what you’re buying.

svetlana-260x300But regardless of which brand you prefer, cosmetic tattooing is going to save you money in the long run, and get you the look you love in a simpler, more time-efficient way. Wake up each day looking exactly the way you want to look! You’ll never worry about makeup running or smudging again, and you’ll absolutely never have to stay awake worrying about what was done to animals to get it into the shops.

Believe me, I know there are practitioners out there who give cosmetic tattooing a bad name. They go for the most dramatic possible look. But there’s a reason I’ve built my business and reputation as one of Sydney’s top beauty professionals – and why my clients keep coming back, and letting their friends know about my services – which range from cosmetic tattooing to eyebrow sculpting to my famous Seven-Minute Brazilian.

I’m happy to consult by phone, email or Skype. Let me know your concerns, and tell me what you want to achieve! I’ll work WITH you – your opinion is the only one that matters – to create a subtle look that turns heads; I promise to provide the most natural and lovely possible version of yourself – a look you’ll be thrilled to wake up to every single morning.




Everything I do is about beauty… but it’s not just what you think. To me, beauty means the inner beauty, the soul that glows inside every woman. This starts on the outside, with the image she projects.

What image are YOU projecting??? The answer says a lot about you.

Through my work as a beauty care professional, I know that when a woman looks absolutely GORGEOUS, she feels wonderful and takes positive steps to make her life better as well. Her self-esteem shoots up and she can shake herself free of bad situations that are dragging her down.

What’s dragging you down? It all starts with beauty – and from there, we can start to change the world.