Challenge Myself Not to Eat for 6 straight days

Just when curiosity hits me hard, I challenge myself not to eat for 6 straight days. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s absurd!”. Oh yes! I made it possible.

It’s been years when I was able to achieve losing weight and get back to my 50 kg. body. I lose 37 kgs. after my two kids with Personal Development and Hypnosis of which I also apply with my clients. That was a crazy ride.

Right now, this is not about weight loss. It’s more of getting the results of a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthier you.

Your Body speaks and shows how you feel in the inside, it is the reflection of whatever is in your mind or your mental state. A state of awareness for your body, mind and well being can lead to amazing results of concentration, focus and relaxation. It develops a connection to your inner self and can create a better version of yourself.

A lot of benefits can result from Fasting, for some fasting is a way to lose weight. For me I did it to challenge myself, A mental challenge! I was holding on to my “ONLY Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” Decaf Green tea in my hand. I understand that fasting is a holistic form of wellness, therapy and control. It improves your mental health to think and analyse. It also gives you the chance to connect with your body and its rhythm as well as on how it can conquer challenges such as this.

I know, Mums out there like me find it hard to make time with our busy schedules. I’m a mother of two and some days I don’t have time to eat. To all the mums, you can share it with me. I’d be happy to have a 5 minutes chat with you! 😊

It takes a lot to get where you want to even for your mind and body. However, if you push yourself to get on the Finish Line, you’ll realise that it’s Worth it!


Love and Life

We humans are a unique and special creature, full of life and possibility. The balance we maintain in our lives, biological, social, mental, or otherwise, is a precise science that no one understands in it's entirety. The chemicals a body needs are measured in mg - milligrams, an unbelievably tiny amount, one-thousandth of a gram. The shortage of even a few milligrams of one chemical can trigger absolutely any problem, even death. 

So when it comes to love, how much do we need? Everyone is different, every body is different. You'll never know unless you ask - so give love, even if it is only a tiny amount. Your "good morning", "how are you?", "do you need to talk?" can be the buoy in a tidal wave. Your little offering of love, to a stranger, a friend, even family, can trigger a cascade.

The chemical change caused even by a few milligrams of love can be a life saver.

"Love is as much a chemical as carbon, 
we live, we thrive, we survive 
on experience, luck, love. 
An open palm offering food, 
or love, 
or safety, 
can pull a soul from the depths of the River Styx."

“The journey of life starts
with a bag full of luck 
& an empty bag of
The goal is to fill the bag
with experience 
before the bag of luck runs


Spiritual Discovery

Spiritual discovery is a long and arduous road - and it’s been a long course of self-discovery for me. I’ve learnt more than I ever anticipated about the world, and particularly about myself. Realising that you are a far more complex creature than you give yourself credit for can be great thing, but also coming to terms with your shortfalls can be... nearly heartbreaking, at the very least. My penny drop moment occurred when I delved into a study of the word "control". 

I needed to control everything in my life. Every. Single. Thing. 

Are you trying to control everything too? Do you know it, and can you feel yourself being kept from freedom because you have this intense need, this urge to have everything in its rightful place? Does everything have to be just the way you want it to be? 

You’re not alone. Not just me, but thousands upon millions of us approach life with that same outlook. We grab onto our goals, relationships, work, everything with a grip so tight we eventually suffocate the things we love and are trying to protect. 

Control, in the real world, is counter-intuitive. We’re under the impression that to make anything flourish, we need to control every last element, keep everything under a watchful eye, unless - heaven-forbid - the unexpected happens. 

How can you have freedom when you are being controlled? That’s right - you are the one being controlled. Your emotions, happiness, you even place your successes in the hands of whatever you are “controlling” and let it rule you. For me, it was my relationship. You truly start to crush the life out of a well-meaning relationship when you need to control it. Whether it was important or not, my partner and I would bicker and fight about everything - because it needed to be controlled in my head! What movie to watch. What meal to eat. What we were doing day to day. It didn’t matter, control mattered. Control, control, control. 

I’ve very (very!) slowly discovered that there are two things key in lifting this urge for complete and utter domination. Number one, vulnerability. Number two, what I'm calling "surrendering of preference". Let's look a bit closer at this tumultuous topic. 

Control come from a place of insecurity, that much we know instinctively. Someone who is feeling insecure usually finds it difficult to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable and open and feel wrong, shameful, and almost like a challenge to their worthiness as a person. 

Secondly, surrendering what you want to do, in favour of another option. This can be even more difficult for a lot of people as they often do not realise they are overriding suggestions, wants, and needs from other people. It might seem natural to suggest a restaurant you like, but if you don't even consider a dialogue with your partner on what they'd like to eat, we've become guilty. A small action like that can mean the world to someone, and you may even enjoy it - if not, you can still enjoy the positives of making them happy. 

I've found that, over time, we need to realign ourselves and reconsider our relationships, our shortfalls, our options going into the future. Everyone should learn to let go of this incessant urge to clutch on to control. It'll be a hard road to travel, but one that will better you as a person. Enjoy each others presence more. Spend less time bickering. My partner and I experience far more joy and love now, than we ever did before, and sometimes, all it takes is a push to take that step back. 

Your homework for this week is to try and take an objective view on your life. Look at the situations you put yourself in, assess them, and ask yourself what you're trying to control. It might be your parent's decisions, your friend's time, your finances, maybe your diet. When you can identify the rogue element, you can see how it's controlling you, not the other way around. You can move on, let go, be present, and attune yourself to what you need most in that moment. You are your own best friend.

Control isn't necessary for happiness, and love will flow easily when you embrace the notion of freedom. 


Svetlana Burckhardt spills on Valentine’s Day beauty tips

Published: 21 January 2019

Are you looking to spice things this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single, taken or in an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship, we have the ultimate guide to making you look and feel your best on this loved-up day. We sat down with beauty leader, Svetlana Burckhardt from Eyebrow Experts to talk beauty tips and Brazilian waxing.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Why is it important for our readers to look and feel their best on this special occasion?

SB: You know for me it feels great when you make time to look beautiful and get all glammed up to impress or make an impression to the love of your life on Valentine’s day. This is the day where you communicate and be socially involved with the person whom matters to you the most on a date night.

You can get sexy all you want and spice things up a little. However, I just want to point out that the most important characteristic that you should gain and develop is for you to show and feel more confident and happier about yourself, like add a little more zest to your body in a way that will make you feel a lot sexier within.

As a beauty industry leader, what services are available for the ultimate makeover?

SB: Well in EyebrowExperts we can give you a total make over. We offer eyebrow styling and tinting; lash lift and tinting and we also do eyebrow styling for men as well. We do cosmetic tattooing like eyebrow feathering, eyeliner and lip tattooing. If you’re after a radiant facial glow, we recommend our IPL treatments as well as our latest HIFU treatments. We also offer teeth whitening so you could show off that dazzling smile to your date. I highly recommend our waxing options such as the 7-minute Brazilian waxing which will have you intimate ready. It also improves hygiene and will make you feel clean and fresh in your private area which also can make you feel more comfortable.

Your beauty salon, Eyebrow Experts, specialises in the 7 Minute Brazilian. Can you tell us how you developed this waxing technique and why it’s a must try for Valentine’s Day?

SB: I was born in Uzbekistan and it’s a Muslim Country. Women in my place are very particular with cleanliness and hygiene among themselves, they look after their body really well. They always have beautiful eyebrows and most likely they take their body hair off as well as on the intimate area, so that’s where I was accustomed and grew up with that – it has been imprinted on me. I’m a very system and efficient type of person, so when I migrated to Australia 16 years ago, women here would do Brazilian for about 40-50 minutes and to me that was unacceptable, because it’s time consuming. For me, efficiency and quickness really matter especially for the clients because we have other things to do during the day. So that’s why I came up with and invented the 7-Minutes Brazilian Method. It is a unique technique that I have developed over the years of treating the Australian woman. I designed it to minimize the pain since this speedy treatment is completed in less time.

What should our readers do in preparation to the 7 Minute Brazilian?

SB: Have a nice hot shower if you can; this will open-up the pores and make waxing less uncomfortable. If possible, wash your bikini area shortly before your appointment. For waxing to be effective, your hair should be 1/8 to 1/4 inches long, depending on the thickness of the hair. If possible, do your own trimming prior to your appointment. Also, try not to rush to your appointment levels as this increases stress levels and caffeine should be avoided as it increases sensitivity. You might also like to take a pain killer as a precaution.

The big question …. does it hurt?

SB: As an aesthetician, this is a common question that our clients would usually ask. A Brazilian wax covers a very sensitive area, pulling out coarse hair by the root from our delicate skin, so generally there is pain involved. However, much of the pain that a client experiences depends upon the skill of the aesthetician providing the service; It is important for the client to be aware that a Brazilian wax should not be very painful, but she may experience minor discomfort. Other inexperienced aestheticians may apply the wax repeatedly in the same area, resulting in burning or bruising, and potentially scarring the skin. An experienced aesthetician, on the other hand, will be able to quickly remove the wax with the hair attached, causing the least amount of pain possible to the client in the process.

If someone hasn’t experienced a Brazilian wax before, why is it worth trying?

SB: As I have mentioned, you will be experiencing a slight discomfort or pain for first timers but if you’re interested or curious and wanted to give it a go that I tell you; “IT IS WORTH IT”, especially this Valentine’s Day if you want to get bold and daring or if you are spending quite a bit of time at the beach in a swimsuit, since you won’t have to worry about any unsightly hair peeking out when you are wearing less clothing.

What is your top beauty tip for Valentine’s Day?

SB: All I can say is spice it up! Spice it up! Spice it up! Hahaha. You know, be more fun and enjoy, always wear that smile not just on Valentine’s day but every day! Show more confidence and feel more beautiful inside and out. I cannot give a specific beauty tip since that would depend on you, on how you carry yourself and yeah a great massage from Yoni Massage would really help and I’ll be creating a blog for that you can check out.

Do you have any special offers running in the lead up to Valentine’s Day at Eyebrow Experts?

SB: Yes, we do, you can purchase our available eBook “Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen” and “The Ultimate Eyebrow Guide” which you can give to the love of your life as a gift along with chocolates and flowers, it’s really fun to read and you can purchase that one here, as well as if you want to do a home base business or for someone who would like to take it on a professional level we have our latest offer the 7-Minute Brazilian Home study package that I highly recommend. This package goes along with a student kit 7-Minute Brazilian waxing manual which is very handy for those who are interested in Brazilian waxing, plus the Ultimate Bonus of having the copy of my e-Book ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen’ and e-Book ‘The Ultimate Brow Guide’, which is very special to me with lot of pack and is really with tons of knowledge and value in it. You can purchase it here.


Don’t fall victim to bad brows. Svetlana Burckhardt from Eyebrow Experts wants to share with you the dos an don’ts to perfect brows. As a leader in the beauty industry, she has seen, fixed and transformed her clients eyeybrows and taken them from drab to fab.
As a passionate business owner and brow technician she wants to share her insider knowledge with you so you never have to have a bad brow day, ever again!  

How do you fill in the perfect brow?

SB: It is amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely brows can make to the structure of one’s face. Having neat and defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates an attractive high-contrast look which could determine and enhance a person’s beauty. Personally, I use the semi-permanent pens the one that you can buy at It is water proof, sweat proof and it is beautiful because the more you add the darker it goes. You can also use from any reputable brand, brow powder or eyebrow tint. We do sculpting tint, brow tattooing and feathering in the clinic, so basically that’s how you fill it into different ways.

How do you get the right shape?

SB: Each eyebrow styling method is designed to fit the face of each unique client that shows a more natural look to it. Usually, I use my client’s personal bone structure to determine where the brow should start, arch and peak. Always learn how to embrace the beauty you are born with creating a timelessly classic shape that is unique for your facial feature. You must remember to always start on the ends that is needing to be darker then going to the front closer to the middle of the eyebrows which should be much lighter.

How do you keep your brows maintained during visits? And how do you keep stray brow hairs in place?

SB: You basically just need to make sure that you don’t pluck too much, you need to put your little finger on the middle of your eyebrows and the distance that you can tweeze. You can put your small finger on your eyelid that distance you can tweeze but don’t go to close to the shape. Make sure they’re not too short, it’s okay to keep it a little bit not to kind of manicured because they give a little bit of space or room for the expert to do it for you in between visits. 

Eyebrow Experts, Svetlana Burckhardt

Why should you go to an expert to enhance your natural brow?

SB: It is important to have experts because eyebrows matter a lot. It’s similar when you would go to a “CAR SHOP” to get your car maintained or to the “SALON” to get a haircut or get a treatment. The feature of your eyebrow matters on the eyes, they’re part of the eyes. Beautiful eyes are framed with the eyebrow, it is kind of the whole picture of them. I truly believe that enhancing the eyebrows needs to be done by the experts because we know what to do about it and you can fully trust us that we can take care of your eyebrows. As I always say I ask questions to find out exactly what the client wants, whether to look more youthful or a more refined look. Because there should be balance and proportion as well as the thickness and thinness of your brows should be tailored to a person’s face and personality.

Why shouldn’t you shape your brows by yourself? ‘

This question kind of goes with the pervious, because you see yourself on one angle only which is the front. It is better if it would be an expert shaping your brows since we can see you through different angles.

Why shouldn’t you pluck eyebrow hair above the brow?

Maintaining your brows without tweezing is ideal since it helps maintain a consistent growth but sometimes beauty does not work on the timeline you want it to. One thing to do is to get your brows tinted and waxed, in this way the tint will hold to every single hair that will create shape and the waxing will then clear it up.

Why shouldn’t you use black pencil or black tint?

Just imagine a beautiful paint that has a huge crazy black frame, I mean if you look at it you would think that the color just does not belong to that beautiful picture and you just can’t comprehend how this happened. So as a professional that how I see it when people have a crazy black eye brow as well as thin eyebrows is not flattering, so it doesn’t give any class. 

What is your ultimate secret tip to getting the perfect brow?

For that I would really recommend, highly recommend that you read the book which was written by me. Anyone who loves eyebrows, anyone who is obsessed about brows, anyone who wants to know about brows, and professionals it’s called “The Ultimate Brow Guide” Book. It’s incredible and has a lot of information and you know we don’t have a lot of good books about brows, but I know I’m biased that is because I really put lots of value into this book. It actually available in an electronic version and it’s on and if you know someone who is in love with brows or obsessed with brows it will be an amazing gift to send them.

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Eyebrow Expert Svetlana Burckhardt talks perfect brows

Published: 11 October 2018Written by Stacey O’Keeffe

Eyebrow Expert Svetlana Burckhardt has made it her mission to empower women by giving them great eyebrows along with training up passionate talents in the beauty industry. In this exclusive interview with Fashion Weekly, she gives us an insight into how she turned her struggle of finding a job into building a legacy and finding happiness and success. 

Tell us about the light bulb moment that pushed you to start Eyebrow Experts and follow your dreams to becoming a leading Sydney eyebrow boutique?

SB: When I arrived in Australia, 16 years ago, I arrived as a make up artist and beauty therapist, so I sent out 43 resumes but I only had 1 interview. No one wanted to hire me. I was extremely upset, I was very depressed about that and I was really shocked. It was a really low point in my life because I couldn’t understand why it was happening to me. I decided okay, well I’m not sure what’s happening but I really want to get my foot in the industry. So I went to knock on salon doors in my area and I found a nice salon and talked to the owner and he agreed to give me one week trial with no pay. After that week, I negotiated quite a low wage, and yes! I started working, my wage increased and a year later I was managing that salon.

While I was working there I saw how many women had no clue about their eyebrows. And everyone was coming in with very thin, line eyebrows that were short. It was a disaster!

That’s where my interest and love for eyebrows started because I always think one of the best things you can do for yourself as a woman is to have a beautiful, polished, natural eyebrows. But it takes maintenance.

You offer training to beauty therapists so they can launch their own business and improve their skills. What encouraged you to pass on your wisdom to others?

SB: I basically love doing trainings, and I love helping other people. That’s one of my missions in life. I would like to spread the love and keep that knowledge. Am I going to take it to the grave with me? It just doesn’t make sense. I train therapists, makeup artists, nail technicians, waxing technicians, and anyone who wants to do amazing eyebrows.

I have students all over the world, I have students who have sent me emails on how the course changed their lives and their careers. It’s not only about the eyebrows, it’s a full package that I give to empower women because I’m a motivational coach.

The more you give, the more the universe is going to give you. It’s just karma, that’s how it is.

What’s been the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

SB: The biggest highlight of my career this far probably would be couple of things. I would say I had a few clients who had burnt eyebrows and no eyebrows at all due to a car accident, and I was able to actually restore their eyebrows by creating a good shape for them, very natural and doing the (feathering) brushstroke imitation tattoo for them, so that has given me a lot of satifcation. I would say, my heart is singing because of the result.

Another thing is to be creating a legacy to create really good eyebrows for anyone who comes through the doors, trainings and appearing on the TV, radio interviews, radio in America, that kind of thing.

Also the books, two books which are Confessions of Brazilian Waxing Queen and The Ultimate Eyebrow Guide. Just basically creating a legacy.

That’s been incredible for me, I’m extremely blessed and I’m thanking everyone who is part of it, and yes I’m really blessed.

You’ve been in the business for 16 years, what’s the biggest mistake you see women make with their brows?

SB: We have amazing women who come through the doors, and some of them are so beautiful, but the eyebrows are not good, so when our eyebrows are fixed, the whole face will be transformed, it’s just incredible. It is really, truly powerful eyebrows. So basically number one of the three mistakes is to make eyebrows either too long or too short. Then number two, bringing the eyebrows too close, or way too far apart. Then third one will be very common as well, it’s making the brows super freakin’ dark. My rule number one is even if you have a black eyebrows please don’t use black eye shadow or black pencil. It’s a Big NO for the brows because it does not look nice at all. Use dark charcoal, define your eyebrows but please don’t use black.

You offer a range of services from lash lifts, brow shaping, feather-stroke tattooing and the 7 minute Brazilian. What’s your most popular service and why?

SB: I’m going to put them in order. So number one will be most popular. So number 1 will be Brows Styling which you call Brows Shaping. Number 2 will be probably Lash Lifts, number 3 would be Feather Strokes and Number 4 is 7 Minute Brazilian.

Before, it used to be Brows Style and 7 Minute Brazilian together, that used to be a very common package but what happened is that with the laser, the drop of 7 minutes Brazilian decreased because there is no really point for some women to come for waxing if they can do laser or IPL now.  

That’s why I have an amazing machine which is IPL Allegro, which can remove black hair, it also can remove grey hair and white hair down there. It’s a special technique and that’s the reason why I bought that machine. It’s freakin’ expensive but I bought it for a reason because I was suffering with great white hair and I thought surely there are many people like me.

What’s your ultimate tip to getting amazing brows?

SB: Firstly, I would say always going for a “natural beauty” look when you have natural eyebrows. No over plucking, sometimes it’s okay, but it’s better to have a little bit bushy brows because you can always pluck one or two of your hairs but when your brows are over-plucked they look too thin and it’s not exactly a good look. I would say raw eyebrows, natural eyebrows are always in fashion.

Secondly, you always need to think twice about an eyebrow trend and ask the question of will it be suitable for you? If it is, sometimes it’s fine to tweak it if it’s not, probably don’t do it.

Lastly, never use black for your eyebrows. I prefer not to bleach eyebrows just because when you bleach it’s just not a good look. When they’re growing out they grow out with two different colours and then they turn orange and it’s just a whole lot of mess.

So that’s probably my top dos and don’ts but ultimately, I always advise to consult with an expert.

What’s next for you and Eyeybrow Experts?

SB: Personally, I always have about 20 projects going on. So I always have lots of gigs happening. For the Eyebrow Experts I would say, to keep creating amazing eyebrows. I love my experts I really would like to train more and more.

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