Serving or Selling? What is your purpose?

Serving or Selling? What is your purpose?

What is the difference between serving and selling?
Do you think there’s any?

If you think there is, you are RIGHT! There is a huge difference between the two, although both serving and selling makes a very good business sense today.

Social Media Platforms and all other online tools nowadays gave the customers a voice. A voice wherein they can say what they want more out of the products or service that you are giving. They want to know if you are legit, effective, and trustworthy. Above all that, they want a good dialogue, good talk and a presentation before they move on to the next phase.

Gone are the days where hard selling was effective. The time has come for all businesses to understand that SERVING makes a good business now more than hard-core SELLING.

When you serve, you actually offer them the value of the product or the service that you are giving and what’s in it for them. When they understand the true value of the service, they become a repeated client. Trust is built.

On the other hand, hard selling is being aggressive and pushy to your clients. You might be able to get the sale but then it might not be the outcome that you wanted for sure since the result is short term. Clients did not understand the real deal of the service and are unhappy so they just drop it off.

When you SERVE, you OFFER VALUE. Do they have questions about your service? Do they want to know more about it? You offer them value and give them what they truly deserve.

When you SERVE, you LISTEN. Listening has been always taken down with hard-core selling. When you listen, you establish relationship. It’s not just selling but it’s a business relationship where both of you understands what each other is talking about.

When you SERVE, you SOLVE PUZZLES. You are not lucky everyday where people would like to have your service all the time. Business have pain points and that’s understandable. This is where you need to solve these kinds of puzzles. You have to focus on the pain points of the business, have your checklist, understand their situationsm and find a solution.

When you SERVE, you UNDERSTAND. Everything is not always about your business but theirs as well. You have to know at which point you can help them for you to be able to understand what else you can offer. Ask questions, probe more, and understand. We need to understand what they need for us to be able to offer the best service that we can.

When you SERVE, you NEVER STOP THE COMMUNICATION. Hard-Core selling is just simply selling. You grab the opportunity, sell, and then move on to the next target. Serving is different. When you serve, you never forget about your client. You follow-up, ask for some questions, ask if they need more. It’s somehow similar to a world class customer service. It’s not just about upselling but about caring.

Most importantly, SERVING will lead you to SALES. It’s a greater one as it’s going to be a repeat business and word of mouth where your referrals will also increase.

By reading all of these, what do you think you need to do in the next 24 hours?

Are you successful?

Are you successful?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been thinking about how I was able to cope up with life.

Being a mother is truly a gift that is unimaginable to any woman.

It’s hard, yes, living alone without any other family than m
y two beautiful kids here in Australia.

It’s difficult indeed to be working, taking care of the kids, taking care of the household chores, thinking about what you are making for breakfast, for lunch, or for dinner every single day.

When you keep your kids busy without resorting to too many screens usually includes some level of mess.
Busy Kids = Happy Kids = Mama can work uninterrupted for a while, but it also means more clean up time.

When it’s already past 10 in the evening and your eyelids are starting to droop as you try to work out your business and try to broaden your network, and your son and daughter calls from their bedroom and wants you to lay beside them.

When your heart lurches a bit when you feel the guilt that comes along with working double-time to make sure they have a good future.

When things get rough but all you have is yourself.

I’m here for you busy mama!

I’ve been there and I’ve done that.

I was too busy working and working and it seemed like to matter how I try I just couldn’t get things my way.

That’s okay. That’s normal.

Fast-forward 5 years, and I’ve been a successful Personal and Professional Development Coach and at the same time I was able to manage my business really well and become the CEO of EyebrowExperts.

If you’re struggling to set your priorities in your personal life and or with your business, grab one of my free 1hour coaching session so we can chat!

Together, we will set your priorities, sort through your stuff and make sure that you will be in the right direction.

I’m going to support you on how to get things done to reach your goal and to become successful in no time. I got your back!



Do You Have A Vision?

Do you have a vision? Have you set a Vision for what you really truly want?

Some people see the things that they desire, and some people see the things that prevents them from having the thing that they ought to.


You can break the rules but remember that you can’t get in the way of someone else’s in getting what they want. There should be a balance: you can take credit when you also take accountability for your actions.

Don’t be scared to fail or to be wrong. If you are going to fail at something, don’t fail at it because someone put you in that kind of situation.

You FAIL because of your OWN ACTIONS
You FAIL because of your OWN CHOICES
You FAIL because of YOU
And this allows you to make the CORRECTONS, to make it RIGHT.

Failure is great as it allows to know what is right, how it works and it teaches us so many lessons on what we can and can’t do.

We need to learn to have a Vision that is STRONG and COMPELLING, that it gives the strength to PULL us.

Enough reasons to keep us from going and get through anything to achieve it.
We don’t let fear take over if we have enough reasons to push through tough times.
We Make the Things Happen for OURSELVES, Take the LEAP! LEARN- LAUGH – LOVE 🙏❤️SB

Do you have Courage?

Do you have courage?

Let me tell you this, it takes courage to be successful and prosper

It takes courage to go out there and reach your dreams.

It’s far easier not to be victorious. Struggles will always be present.

If you do not want to make a difference, be the ordinary.

Trying to Fit in to feel like you belong that you start to
– Dress Like them
– Act Like them
– Walk Like them
– Go where they Go
– Think how they think
– And Do what they do

Once you change your uniqueness and be just like everybody else, you lose yourself.


Do you have the COURAGE?
– To FAIL for Success
– To STAND and Believe that Everything is POSSIBLE
– To PUSH yourself harder Every Single Day!
– To be let your VOICE be HEARD

It Takes Courage to be Exceptional!

Let’s do this, We can start the CHANGE.


How do you feel about your Body?

How do you feel about your Body?

To tell you honestly it took me years to learn how to Truly LOVE and ACCEPT my Body the way it is.

Yes, I’m almost 40 now and I finally start loving and embracing this body to the fullest.

When I was a teenager, I could always feel and see millions of flaws. I was skinny in my teens and now when I look back, I would say what the hell was wrong with me?

Why were I picking and looking for something imperfect, WHY?

Youth is already perfect and glamorous and just beautiful and young.

Why do we set standards of being FLAWLESS. Without blemish, stretch marks and dolly kind of a look. For so many of us, perfection is the ultimate dream for our states of being. But, in reality, perfect is never perfect and striving for perfection can turn from admirable to harmful.

I’ve seen lots of naked bodies in my salon for 17 years of my experience. Some beautiful women were complaining about their bodies. They think that they are ugly and not good enough, when I looked at the them, I would say “Geez you are gorgeous!”
check your glasses , girl 🥴
In my younger days, People made fun of me for being skinny and underweight, I was slower than other kids and I was weird( not skinny anymore but my weirdness is still with me 🤣😩😲😁) . My mums’ friends thought I was wiser beyond my years by giving them profound advises about their lives, boyfriends and what they should be doing in life and how and why( still doing it now as paid and unpaid job 😁🤣)

They used to say that “you may be tiny, but you’ve got the talent”.

What about larger curvy women? They have something they are good at, they don’t have to be smaller to be better! Because your talents and personality are what makes you beautiful. I have a Great Girl Friend and she has a curvy big body. I could never imagine her being skinny because her incredible soul and “bigger then life personality” perfectly matches her incredible curvy big body. She’s Slaying it! If she ever decide to loose weight with my help or without .. I only will help if it’s health reason .. otherwise I will make gluten free pancakes for her every day🤣🤣😁

The Media basically control people’s minds, especially teenagers. They make everyone think that we have to be skinny and full of plastic to be beautiful, handsome, etc.

Media can affect kids’ body images greatly. The pictures in magazines of super skinner beautiful models in popular young female magazines can affect them greatly and may cause to have a high chance for developing an eating disorder. Yesterday, my daughter was telling me that she watched Living Barbie on her IPAD who is very skinny and thin with 90 plastic surgeries in her past, and have very tiny waist she was asking, “Mommy why don’t you have such tiny waist?” and I gently replied, “I like the way I am. I like my waist”. So, let’s talk to our kids and also show them we mothers love our bodies the way it is, lets promote healthy lifestyle. Not just for ourselves but also to be the best examples for our daughters and sons.

It is fabulous to have a clean, handsome or beautiful appearance. Some people know how to attain that in a correct and healthy way. That is done through loving yourself for who we are, for our own body type, personality, hair color, eye color, skinny or not skinny waist etc. It should be coming from within, the things that make you YOU.

Let start and be open to love our BODIES, because it’s like a precious suit that we can’t remove and we’re stuck for the rest of our life. Let’s nourish, nurture our bodies and putting importance to it. Our Body is one incredible life form, just like a car for example, if you fill good high-quality petrol then you’ll know that it’s going to pay off because it’s kind of working in a good fill.
Let’s eat more vegetables and proteins😊❤️
Let’s come together and celebrate ALL body types, it may be skinny – curvy and everything in between. Indeed, our body is a beautiful creation that one must learn to love, appreciate and accept our forms. Our bodies are magical let’s start loving them for real. Our body embodies who we are, BE PROUD. Share your Body Here and post! Be brave, Be Bold and Be the Voice


Your Vulnerable-True Self

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to show Your Vulnerable-True Self?                       

To show your Fears and weaknesses?

I have been marked as a strong woman who always have a positive perspective in life even if strong storms would challenge me. I always see the brighter side in the worst possible scenario. 

Well, that’s what people would think I would do. In my head, I wanted to yell, I wanted to cry, I wanted to release the tension that was going on inside my mind.

👉 All my years, I’ve been motivating myself to push harder every day. 😩 To be successful in running the business on my own and lived far away from my family. 

I always was genuinely happy and jealous of people who had and have big family to back them up which I never had. Why did I choose to be a loner in this life time? 

The road is not easy I tell you, sometimes I wish on miracles and guidance from the Mother Universe and take a leap of faith just to go through it.

The Mother Universe makes miracles and everything works in absolutely perfect divine order. And we get what we need and not what we want. 

Because I know I can, I know that doing this would mean I can change other people’s lives! Yet I seem to have so many doubts in my head, I’m afraid

😖 To Fail

😣 To Be Rejected

😨 To Be Criticized

😮 To Be Hated

😰 To Make Mistakes

– and 😧 Not Be “Good Enough” in the eyes of the majority and more.

I’m human and when life becomes tough, I tended to hide it, becoming a different person wearing so many faces I didn’t even recognize.

I know it’s not just me, many of us would do the same in times of struggle, it’s not that we are faking it. It’s just we pretend and cover up so we could fit-in, be accepted and feel welcomed to other people’s life.

Aren’t you tired of running trying to chase a paragon that you just built inside your system that is never going to give you any satisfaction?

 Stop running after something you cannot hold with. Embrace it! 

Believe and have faith in yourself that you can do this, you are and you can do great things and whatever it takes to be the best version of YOU.

To be susceptible with a lot of things, such as your fears is not a weakness instead it’s a measure of 💪 Strength. 

Own it

Step Up

Be Awesome

Love Yourself

Be Yourself, because you are AWESOME!

If you do not know how to love and be true to yourself, then Nobody will. Remember, there is so much LIGHT inside of YOU. SHINE BRIGHT.