How can I heal MYSELF?? 🍑

“The Best of Both Worlds” album was released by R. Kelly and Jay-Z in 2002 and the song from that album that caught my attention is “Power of the P.”
The title of the track speaks volumes of its own and for me, it speaks to the Power of Women in healing themselves and others. For the longest time, it’s believed that the fastest way to healing is through the walls of a spiritually-aligned woman’s vagina.
What if? When a woman’s greatest healing asset needs its own healing? It’s been too long, for women to have borne the brunt of healing the World, but neglecting in taking the time to heal themselves.
Remember that not every woman has access to clinical mental health care, and certain traumas make some women mistrustful of revealing their traumas beyond their own hearts. All these barriers bare one question among the masses of broken women in need of wholeness: how can I heal MYSELF???
A gemstone never loses it’s mother earth given energy.
Yoni Eggs 
Yoni Eggs may just be the key to overcoming the problems associated with your healing and most intimate wants and needs.
The Yoni Egg has existed for centuries, and I am proud to be bringing you this ancient medicinal product here!
Sometimes referred to as the jade egg, Yoni Eggs are a polished stone that is meant to be inserted in your vagina.
There are many practical benefits associated with Yoni Eggs, however they also promote a deeper and more mystical purpose.
At their core, they offer the chance to explore yourself through ritual.
They are derived from Chinese origin, thought to be used by Chinese emperors to promote youth, sexual prowess and vitality in their selected concubines.
They were used in ancient medicine and each crystal or gemstone was to possess different properties, including healing.
There are various crystal and gemstone Yoni Eggs on offer in my new range and each has their own spiritual purpose.
Discover your inner wisdom, open your heart, find new found vitality and creativity. 
These are just a few of the spiritual benefits that can be revealed through the use of Yoni Eggs.
Are you on the search for better sex?
Do you suffer from incontinence?
Are you looking to strengthen your pelvic floor?
Do you want to heal some of your unwanted emotions in yourself?
On a practical level, Yoni Eggs provide benefits such as more intense orgasms, stronger internal grip during intercourse, increase vaginal lubrication, relieve symptoms of incontinence, to treat or reduce the risk of uterine prolapse, promote healing after childbirth, reduce symptoms of PMS and reduce the risk of leakage.
So, if this sounds appealing to you, join me in the launch of my brand new range of crystal and gemstone Yoni Eggs.
They will awaken your sensuality and assist you to explore your mind, body and soul.


👣 The Secret To My Meditation 🧘 Practice


I Love this Analogy!

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee?
“Because someone bumped into me!!!”

Wrong answer.
You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup.
Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

“Whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out.”

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (Which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It’s easy to fake it, until you get rattled.

*So we have to ask ourselves… “what’s in my cup?”

When life gets tough, what spills over?
Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?
Anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions?

Life provides the cup, YOU choose how to fill it.

Today let’s work towards filling our cups with
Gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation and kindness, gentleness, and love for others.

(Shared from a friend whose cups is full of goodness and inspiration)

As we grow (old ) mature 👵, we look for more meaning in our lives.
We learn to appreciate the deeper side of life that we never thought we would when we were out partying with our friends during our early twenties.
When I hit my 18th birthday, that’s when I started to notice how things are changing in my life.
I never thought I will get tired of the things I enjoyed doing before—from going out with my friends, getting tipsy 
drunk some weekends, heading on spontaneous vacations, etc.
Don’t get me wrong—I love those things. I still love them today and I don’t regret them. 
The only thing I changed that I don’t drink alcohol anymore. 
But now, I search for more meaning in the things that I do.
I started to realize the value of self-care and self-love ❤️.
I started doing things that are healthy for me and that would make me feel good.
Power walk has been such a huge part of my life, and I’m already 40.
My Determination To Be Mindful 🧘 
I used to do various types of workout routines—from Pilates, to yoga and power walk.
What I enjoy the most is gentle yoga exercise because I get to practice mindfulness.
I practiced yoga three times  per week… sometimes even more. That’s how much I loved it.
But just like new yoga students, I had a hard time focusing and getting my mind to clear.
Albeit the aim of meditation isn’t about clearing the mind, I was adamant to do so.
How I Started With Mala Beads 📿
Mala beads work like a rosary, but it’s meant for meditation. 
Some people call it prayer beads as well. One thing that I love about it is that I get to wear them.
Since I practice meditation every day in my home, it’s easier for me to have it around my neck while doing so, and my cat tends to play with it when it’s hanging loose on the floor.
The Secret To My Meditation 🧘 Practice
So, these mala beads are made with various materials. You can find ones made of wood, stone, or other material.
Mine is wooden because I find them more earthy, which matches the grounding of meditation.
A mala bead consists of 108 beads and one head bead. These beads are representative of the 108 worldly sins in the Buddhist tradition.
The number of beads is always a multiple of 9. Nine is a sacred number in the Hindu tradition.
Now, the head bead, mine has a Hamsa Hand, lets us meditate through the beads without the need to watch or open our eyes 👀 while doing so.
It’s easy to feel when we’ve reached the head bead, and that means the first “round” or the meditation practice is completed.
I got the mala beads with the Hamsa hand because of its symbolism.
The Hamsa symbol is an open hand with an eye in the middle of the palm.
It’s a sacred symbol to many cultures and religions, but what I love most about it is it is widely recognized as a symbol of protection.
It is also representative of the hand of God. My yoga teacher also said that it can promote health, happiness, good luck, and fortune.
I also read online that one of the ancient beliefs around the Hamsa symbol is that it can intercept negative or evil energy.
How Mala Beads Enhanced My Practice
So, how is it helping me?
Well, I have trouble concentrating. There are a million things going around in my head 🧠 all the time.
So, meditation used to be really a challenge for me. But I know that I needed to practice it because I didn’t want these thoughts running in my head all the time. My mind needs a break, too.
The Secret To My Meditation Practice
That’s why when I got into yoga, meditation followed suit. I was determined to practice and be better at it, and trust me, it works wonders in your overall well-being.
I used mala beads 📿 and crystals because I find that I work better when I have “additional” tools around.
It makes me feel more motivated and at the same time, it makes the entire thing more “real.”
So, if you’re in the journey of meditation and you need help, I highly suggest that you get yourself some prayer beads. You can get as many as you want!
This is where I got my prayer beads with Hamsa hand.

💋 💋 💋
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🦋 Change is the only thing we can rely on!

I know these are strange times and I want to help you with some easy tools to stay grounded whenever you feel afraid or anxious. 
The truth is that in all this talk of uncertainty in the world, we forget that life is always uncertain.
Change is the only thing we can rely on, and that can be a beautiful thing.
Why? Because it means life is evolving and expanding. We, humans, are so adaptable. With change, comes growth. With growth, comes the power to adapt.
We may not be in total control of this virus 🦠, we may not be in total control of the stability of the economy, but we are in control of our reaction to those things.
What we focus on is what we get!
We have the power to decide whether fear takes over or not. We have the power to let it become part of our everyday lives, or not.
As I’ve said before, this global health pandemic can actually be a positive thing.
It can give us a little (or a rather big) nudge towards remembering our inner power and connecting to it.
Go within, seek the power, and security you crave inside your own being.
For that is where you will always find it.
A need for security and safety is a basic human need.
With these four mindful practices, I want to guide you towards the present moment and replace your fear with faith.
Your insecurity with strength and your anxiety with trust and love.
1. Ground yourself and connect 🧘 to the Earth 
The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is associated with feelings of security, stability, and being fearless, as well as your basic needs of shelter, food, and safety.
At the moment, many people are reacting to the kind of energy that this Root Chakra governs.
Our fears around safety, security, and basic needs being met are being activated energetically ⚡ as we go through these global events.
That’s why it’s important to balance this Chakra.
When it is out of harmony, it causes the rest of the chakras to go off balance too.
It can also trigger our fight or flight response, and any prolonged amount of time we spend that in the fight or flight state is harmful.
It is toxic to our souls.
It compromises our mental, emotional, and physical health, weakening our immune systems, and generally causing us to feel off-balanced.
We come from a place of fear rather than enlightenment.
PRACTICE: Balancing your Root Chakra at least once a day if not twice (morning and evening).
I suggest sitting quietly and allowing the silence and stillness to ground you, connecting you to the earth.
If possible do this outside, on grass, or close to a tree 🌳.
When you sit for just a few moments, imagining your Root Chakra energy flowing freely, grounding you to the earth with its strong and calming energy and bringing your energetic body back into coherence.
If you have any red crystals, hold them as you do this balancing practice.
Crystals such as red jasper and tourmaline are balancing. You can also burn woody incense such as sandalwood or patchouli.
2. Send a Healing Prayer to the Earth 🌏
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, practice sending love and peaceful, healing energy to the entire planet.
By doing so, it focuses your mind 🧠 towards positivity and caring for others.
It gives you a wider sense of perspective and makes you feel useful. Energy is catching too, you know!
Spread a feeling of kindness and positivity and uplift others with your vibration.
You can sit quietly and just focus on sending love and healing to all parts of the Earth that need it.
If it’s easier for you, imagine the animals and children first, see them receiving the love and healing they need.
If you understand vibrational energy, you know that it can be received through time and space. Your prayers 🙏🏻matter.
3. Express Yourself and Release Fear
I highly recommend finding a positive outlet for your feelings during this time.
With so much on the news, messages, social media etc., you could be absorbing too much negative information.
Whenever you come across some disturbing news or something that makes you feel anxious, don’t just hold it in or push it away, release it in one of the following ways:
Writing ✍🏼 in a journal.
Expressing yourself in words can be so healing and helps to remove the weight of negative information.
Once you get it down on paper 📝, you get to make sense of it.
I find this releases some of the power bad news and fearful events can have over our mind and spirit.
Painting or expressing yourself in art. 
Express yourself through painting 🎨, molding in clay, sketching, whatever you like, can help release pent-up feelings and negative energy through expression.
Dancing 💃🏻 or playing an instrument.
Having a quick high energy dance break is a great way to release tension, let off steam, and change your mood.
If you play an instrument, get lost in some music practice.
Anything that helps you to shift your energy towards a higher vibration is recommended.
Sing and let the words, air and notes float out of you and towards others. It also makes you aware of your breathing.
4. Connect With Your Breath
When we are in a fight 💪 or flight state our breathing is often shallow and short.
Many of us remain in this state a lot of the time and our sympathetic nervous system is activated constantly. 
Connecting with your breath is so important for grounding.
Next time you feel anxious or caught up in a spiral of worrisome thoughts, focus on the way that you are breathing.
Take some conscious, slow, deep breaths in through the nose 👃🏼, down to your abdomen, and then feel it flowing out as you exhale.
Focus on your exhalations becoming a little longer than the inhalations.
This will stimulate the rest and digest response (as opposed to the fight or flight response).
It does not take long for your breath to bring you back to a sense of calm.
When you feel yourself calming down, you will be able to view your fear more rationally, and you will have connected to that stillness within your spirit.
That part of you that knows you are always taken care of.
That connection is often enough to bring you back to a sense of faith in yourself and your ability to stand in your own power.
It is natural to feel fear 😨 and anxiety, especially during this time, like I said before life is characterized by its uncertain nature.
Don’t judge yourself for these feelings, simply allow yourself to go through those emotions and then use one of the tools above, work towards balancing and grounding yourself.
Do you have any other grounding techniques that you enjoy and find successful? 
Share them with me!

💋 💋 💋
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Love Anxiety 7 Ways To Fight It ❤️

Loving (2).png
Did you know that an estimated 275 million people in the world suffer from an anxiety 😟 disorder?
BUT, the full extent of the numbers is estimated to be much higher because both the developed and developing nations under-record it or because many people don’t feel comfortable seeking help.
If you are one of the silent sufferers, read on to see what can help.  
Here are the most commonly experienced symptoms of anxiety 😰 sufferers: 
Worry about future misfortune
Feeling on edge
Difficulty concentrating
Restlessness and fidgeting
Tension headaches
Inability to relax 
Abnormally rapid breathing
Pain in upper abdomen 
If you find that you are experiencing some of these symptoms, try some of these easy to apply techniques. 
When was the last time ⏲️ you took a deep breath? 
Find a quiet place and close your eyes. 
Breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, and hold for a count of 4. 
Repeat for 3 minutes and try it throughout the day.  
Breathing is known to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce the cortisol (stress hormones) in your body and relaxes you.    
What are you watching on your screen 📺 
In these days, we are bombarded with sensationalized news from multiple devices we own.
As a result you might find yourself feeling angry or scared more often. If you feel your symptoms worsening after watching the news, switch it off.
Instead, clear your mind from the negative clutter by reading a book, watching a comedy show, spending time with your family and pets, or reading an uplifting magazine. 
Did your heart ❤️ get a good workout today? 
Exercise is a proven mood lifter. 
Go for a walk around the neighborhood, a jog, or do a few minutes of star jumps at home. 
If you don’t feel better, do some more. 
Are you falling asleep 😴 at 4AM then waking up at 2PM? 
Symptoms of anxiety can be triggered if you don’t feel a sense of purpose in your life.
Maintain a normal, regular time for waking up and going to bed every day.
Eat meals at a set time. Incorporate exercise in between the day such as once in the morning and once in the evening.   
Struggling to go for more than 10 minutes ⏰Without checking your phone? 
You are not alone. On average people check their phones every 10 minutes.
Smartphone notifications cause inattention and hyperactivity symptoms so it’s no wonder we struggle to “be present”.
Try setting an alarm for every 45 minutes to check your phone instead.
Then put your phone away somewhere.  
Spirituality 🙏🏻 gets the thumbs up
It doesn’t matter which God you believe in or if you just believe in the Universe,  
Spiritual practice brings solace in those dark hours and you probably feel lighter if you have a ritual in your life.
If you don’t have a spiritual practice as yet, just send a thanks to the universe for the moment you have right now. 
How positive is your self-talk? 
If you managed to make a small change for the better today, congratulate yourself!  
And celebrate wins no matter how small! How you talk to yourself is just as important as how you to talk others

💋 💋 💋
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Men Beware – Why Not To Date Single Mums

I grew up knowing the challenges of a dating single mum – as the daughter of one I am certain it is not the simplest thing to do. In most nuclear families, women ( and men ) can satisfy their children, their workload, their interests and their sex lives without having to do much hunting or face needless rejections.

Flash forward twenty or so years, and it seems no less complex for single working mums ( and let’s face it, we are all working mums whether we have a paid job or not ). The advent of internet dating, sexting, tinder, grinder, bumble, eharmony and speed dating have not made the pool any less murky or simpler to navigate.

Spoilt for choice, some men tend to discount the single mother – she is less available, takes less shit, expects more honesty and vulnerability and creativity and does not love lightly, if at all. She puts her kids first, herself second and, if you are lucky, you third.

And you will love her for it. Or admire her for it. Or just get off on it. That will be fine. Single mums are squeezing their needs in between those of the whole cast of their family – so do not be surprised if she wants you just for sex, or friendship, or something of a combination of the two.

I want to get in at the get go – a simple request for the men who do take on single mothers. Please do not underestimate her. She is most likely a superwoman holding onto her sanity amongst the dish loads, the washerloads, the motherloads of emotional meltdowns and the school administration and play dates and keeping her children grounded. She wants to find someone who can show her children a mother who is cared for by someone other than them. She is most likely genuine in her affection and admiration for you – or she would not waste her time and stretched energy. She is not a gold digger. Of course she will appreciate gifts but more than stuff, she will want your concentrated time. If you do spoil her, do it with something that shows you have been watching what she needs or lacks or puts second as her child wants something more.

I spoke to and surveyed all sorts of women for this and am sure some of it will resonate with you. If not, let me know and I can always add more spice! Speaking of spice, here is the comprehensive list of why single mums make the best pick of the bunch and, contrary to popular mythology, are not low hanging fruit just aching to be man handled or itching to lick your… anything.

Before you decide whether to date single mums, here is a comprehensive report on what you might be missing out on.
If you are a Dad yourself, you may notice that women without children do not understand you or that you can’t really talk with them about your kids. Maybe you like this. If you don’t, a single mum will always see the sense, pain and passion that it takes to understand and raise your kids. Plus she will never envy your ex.
They are loving and nurturing and apply a lot of passion and sensuality to sex. They don’t want it perfect. They don’t mind it messy. They will put in and think about how to keep it interesting. They most likely will not mess around on you either. Hard enough for her to keep up with you, let alone another.
They understand that sex is important – but that things come up and they will make it worth waiting for.
They are not hypercritical or unrealistic, perfection is not what they are looking for, or wanting
They are not always available or hanging on your every text – they won’t commit to an unplanned weekend away to the Bahamas as they can’t – this can make them an attractive forbidden fruit type of pleasure
They might bore you with their strength, independence, lack of game playing and their decisiveness in knowing what they want. They don’t tolerate rubbish, so if you are into this, then steer well clear
Single Mums have expectations. They want quality sex and are willing to put in to make it spicy and satisfying. They know this requires honesty and they give it as well as receive it. And not just honesty!
Maybe you like surprises. These women don’t. They do not muck around with birth control. They do not muck around with your time. It might annoy you – the seeming lack of spontaneity. The sense that she does not need you and will not tolerate you wasting her precious time.
Surely all of the above is enough to convince you to be judicious and sensible in your dating dealings with any single mothers who come along. If you are tempted by the prospect and in order to balance this piece and play devil’s advocate, here are some of the things that a single mum might have for you, if you are that way inclined. These ladies can be very diplomatic, enthusiastic, moment grabbers and stabbers, and they love wholeheartedly and in a kind and devoted way without expecting the world of you. Be terribly aware – if you do date one to prove to yourself why you should not be with one, single mums make the most of every moment. They have so few spare ones and are used to infusing fun into the most mundane of moments for their family, so it may bleed into their time with you. You know, that could be terribly frilly – kind of like forcing you to feel young at heart.

Well forewarned is forearmed. If one of these women manages to capture your interest, you might need some tips to steer it off course and save yourself from the single mum spin cycle.

Know everything about her and ask all sorts of redundant questions
Be fluffy and don’t be honest – she does not need it, all day is raw honesty and dirty dunnies
Do not pay for much – she is used to stretching her budget and you don’t want her to get used to relying on yours
Get all anxious about her kids and any indication they need a father figure
Do not create opportunities that allow her to be seen – she knows what it is like to be invisible an missing in action in all the muck of they day, don’t rob that from her
Trust is going to go in waves – keep her on her toes, and don’t go keeping it simple or easy
Once you’re in, you’re in – this must be myth spun by these black widow single mums
Do not give her what she needs, find what you need and ask her for it. She has so many needs to fill, she must be a pro at it
You won’t get invited home, so just push and press her on it
Her kids are the axis around which she spins and vice versa – do not take too much interest in them. You do not wanting her thinking you are in it for the long term or that you are going to hang around once the party is over
Be disgruntled about her relationship with her ex. You can’t trust him. Or her
Keep her on her toes – if you need to pull out or cancel, do it. She can deal with the disappointment and, if she can’t, tough luck. There must be more of them out there desperate for a single, kid hating dude like you – especially if you are not completely divorced or disenchanted with your last partner yourself
Create high expectations around her body. She needs the motivation after all the damage that bearing, carrying and breastfeeding kids has done to it. You do not need to improve yours – have as many beers and pizzas as you need me to have a perfect body or to apologize for the body I have
In case you are literal like a lot of men are, I might need to point out the above is sardonic. If you are a woman reading, I trust you recognised the sarcasm. However, we all know that matters of the heart are not joking matters. Whoever you end up with and for however long, there is a lot to be said for common courtesy and respect and taking your time to think about what you want and what you have to offer as much as looking for what is there for your taking. It’s not just something you take, it’s given. Rhianna and Mikky Ekko had it right!

I have also spoken to single men who have explored the world of dating single mums, some who were sorely disappointed in their experiences with singles who were not mothers. All women are unique and not all single mums or single women are the same. You should take your time getting to know your prospects and all women appreciate your honesty when you do so. Maybe you are just out for no holds barred sex – maybe she is too! Or maybe you are a helpful companion who does not mind offering practical assistance – she possibly has a few odd jobs that will take her three times as long as you to do – pitching in is a perfect aphrodisiac! Gestures go a long way, but if you are like most men you possibly also like to offer gifts as a provider or patron of sorts.

Nobody hates flowers but let’s face it – after filling the house with fragrance for a week, they shrivel up and die. A single mum is no doubt juggling her budget and going without. Use your powers of observation – has her phone screen become so cracked from being mishandled or dropped by her children? Could you invest a little more and buy her a new phone? Does not have to be the newest or fanciest one but just think of the exposure you will gain. How many times a day do you think a woman takes out her phone and looks at it? Chances are that is how many times she will be thinking of you, and fondly!

How can you contribute to her day? It might be something simple, easy done for you and really straightforward – but to her, it might mean a lot. I still am not sure how but I spent four hours locked out of my house today trying to work out how to get it unlocked in time for the kids who were out on playdates. If I had a lovely helpful and loving gentleman who had my interest at the moment he might have been around and able to offer some assistance and humour in my slight distress, I would have been grateful and probably more enamoured with him as a result.

So if you are unconvinced or already in the pool with a single mum, I trust you are enjoying your time with some headstrong, feisty, fiery single woman; here are some of my tips for keeping her happy
Give practically
Be pragmatic
Be useful and helpful – she really is working hard and kids are a really big emotional rollercoaster!
Apply patience and empathy
Use you noodle
Love her love of her children
Never underestimate her powers or her charms
Put her first
Respect her intelligence and her ability to make her own decisions – but be a loving soundboard too.
Now, whatever you do, keep all this to yourself. You don’t want there being all sorts of big headed single mums staggering around and playing it cool or getting lucky. That would be tragic. Terrible. Leave them be, man. Or take a chance and consider them amongst their single counterparts. If you do, remember how much they have to offer and equally how much you have to give. There is no better way to a single mum’s heart than by paying her attention and using your powers of observation to seek out things she needs. It is not about big spending or grandiose gestures – it is just about being present and aware.

By doing so, you show the woman what an eligible man you are and you recognise what a special woman she is. Isn’t that why we are dating and sharing our time and souls with each other? She wants to be seen as the woman she is – by you. Show her you see her in your touch. Listen to what she has to say. Show her kids how you feel about her. Be the quality time she craves and don’t bamboozle her with bullshit. Get to know her movements and consider her in your plans – big and small – letting her know this will mean a lot to her and will show her your level of commitment.

Strong, Reciprocal, Intense, Amorous, Fun, Relaxed. The possibilities for you and the relationship are endless. Your single Mum may just be the one who brings the very best out of you!