Why Allegro Motion Technology?

Why Allegro Motion Technology?

Not long ago, an eyebrow specialist in Sydney would recommend using tweezer and wax to remove hair. Eventually, that progressed to electrolysis and bleaching, which then turned into countless kinds waxes, creams, and cover-ups. Despite the advancement of technology, these treatment options still exist in the beauty industry.
As a specialist who offers both eyebrow shaping in Sydney and Brazilian waxing in Sydney, I know what works and what doesn’t. Laser and IPL is hands down the best treatment option I have ever used on my clients.


There are several reasons why I prefer IPL. One reason is it works.

IPL was first invented for medical procedures that treated skin conditions. In the 1990s, scientists proved that IPL could be used as an effective treatment for hair removal, as a natural side effect of the procedure was permanent hair loss for patients. The intense pulsed light method was eventually fine-tuned for hair removal and marketed for that purpose. After the first machine was officially developed specifically for hair removal in 1996, it’s use has expanded dramatically. Today it is the third most common cosmetic treatment available.

Although IPL is similar to laser hair removal, the difference is in the light source. Instead of lasers, IPL uses light to zap hair away for good. It also uses a much boarder spectrum of light waves than lasers and filters these to better pinpoint its exact focus.

IPL works by targeting hair pigments, and heats up the hair follicle, thereby damaging the cells that ultimately cause your hair to come back. The effectiveness of the treatment option is dependent on the color of the skin and hair, however.


For my salon, I like to offer my clients a German motion technology system called the Allegro Motion System, which is the highest quality machine on the market but available at a more affordable price point. It was developed by doctors and is the most advanced IPL machine on the market. I also prefer it because it is one of the safest options while remaining the least painful treatment for hair removal possible. Fast and effective, I always recommend this option to my clients.

As an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I base all of my treatment options off my experience. You can believe me when I say that IPL works!
I’m looking forward to working with you!


Gay or straight – your looks can’t wait!

Gay or straight – your looks can’t wait!

Hey, guys: big hair is out – at least below the waist! The stats are in: about 1/3 of men are grooming “down there,” removing hair in the pubic area. But the bad news is that most of them are plucking, shaving and waxing at home by themselves – techniques that are both uncomfortable and ineffective, leading to fast regrowth, stubble, itching and ingrown hairs. Ouch!

According to the U.K. survey, men are also removing hair in other areas of the body, like nose and ears, eyebrows, chest and back. The natural look just doesn’t have the street cred it once did – girls and guys want partners who put in the time and care about their looks.

It used to be for gay guys only, but today, the sleek, streamlined look on a man is earning oohs and aahs from straight women and gay partners alike. And every guy we’ve talked to adores the feeling of being touched skin-to-skin. Everyone deserves to love and be loved! You deserve the intimacy of getting close to another person, without all that hair getting in the way.

So let’s see… you want to be gorgeous all over, right? Utterly touchable and irresistible? So how can you get the look without the agony? How can you achieve long-lasting, smoothly strokable results without spending a fortune?

Men, it’s time to learn from the ladies! Ask your girlfriends; they know. When it comes to hair removal, you’ve got to turn to a pro. It’s a new generation, and this ain’t your grandpa’s straight razor!


Worried that professional waxing and laser hair removal will cost you more? In the long run, you’ll save money, effort and a ton of time. And you’ll end up with a manly look that’s groomed WITHOUT the hassle.

Stand up and demand the best waxing and eyebrow shaping Sydney has to offer! Eyebrow tattooing is another simple option for men looking for a long-term low-maintenance solution. And we are absolutely the most skilled and experienced when it comes to waxing and the latest IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, effective even on light hair – for any area of your body!


This trend towards higher standards in male body-hair grooming comes at a time when the bearded look is being revived all over the world.

Should a man with a beard still keep himself trimmed below the neck? Absolutely! There’s no contradiction at all in a guy who’s a bear up top going bare – or tastefully shaped – down there.

Gay or straight, you want a look that shares what you feel and who you are deep inside. Looking terrific – trimmed and sleek – is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment – and keeping your partner snuggling in close with satisfaction at the same time!


Leg waxing or IPL what’s better?

Leg waxing or IPL what’s better?

The best way is to do your IPL removal at winter season and start doing it from may till August.

There are various forms of permanent hair removal. Two of the most popular are leg waxing and IPL. Since we offer Brazilian waxing Sydney residents can rely on, We are very passionate about providing plenty of options for our clients. In addition to our eyebrow tattooing in Sydney service, EyebrowExperts also want to make sure our clients understand our unique waxing service. So, let’s take a closer look at what IPL and leg waxing entail and which one is best for you

What is IPL?

download-300x86 IPL is much more comfortable and soothing than waxing or even the traditional laser treatment. It can remove grey hair, white, red and black hair of course. Additionally, the cost is not cheap but much more affordable than other advanced technological treatments in the long-term. Each session of IPL takes around 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the area being treated. In regards to pain level, IPL is typically painless for the average person. However, you may be more or less sensitive than our average patient. Before the entire session is tackled, the therapist will try out the service on your skin first to make sure you’re comfortable with it.

How Waxing and ILP are the Same & Different ?


The benefits of IPL hair removal over waxing, include decreased hair growth, reduced costs over the long-term, and effectiveness. Waxing is a process that must happen over and over again. With IPL you only have to go through a few sessions to achieve great reduction and permanent results. As long as you don’t have a reaction to the treatment, which can happen, IPL is by far the best option for permanent hair removal.

Whether you’re considering Brazilian waxing Sydney or are simply considering a professional IPL hair removal treatment, We want to help you out. EyebrowExperts offer a variety of services including natural looking eyebrow tattooing Sydney services. If you want to save money on waxing and want to work with an expert, then consider contacting us today.


Sydney’s Best Hair Removal

Sydney’s Best Hair Removal

Have you ever tried to reduce or remove red, white, blonde or grey hair? If so, we don’t need to tell you – it’s a HASSLE!

Laser hair removal, up till now your best option, simply doesn’t work well on light-coloured hair. If you’re blonde or grey or a redhead, you’ve probably already discovered this for yourself. Black is easy, but if you’re looking to remove these lighter-coloured hairs, you’ll have to turn to Sydney’s best beauty specialist: Svetlana. She’ll help you get rid of all those annoying hairs once and for all.

Already known for her famous 7-minute Brazilian waxing, and for her unique holistic approach as an eyebrow specialist, Svetlana is now offering something new on the Sydney beauty scene: Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, hair removal. IPL is the latest technology, and there’s a very good chance it can help you, even if you haven’t had any luck with traditional laser hair removal.

Tearing your hair out trying to get the silky look and feel you want? Come discover a whole new way of harnessing the power of light to easily and quickly eliminate those unwanted hairs. Give us a call and find out how easy it can be!

How is IPL different?

IPL uses a different type of light. Traditional laser is a single focused beam, but IPL gives a broader spectrum of wavelengths. If you have a skin reaction to traditional laser treatment, it’s more likely to be permanent. You may find that with IPL, you need one or two additional treatments. However, every person is different. You’ll especially want to try IPL if traditional laser treatment didn’t work for you. It could be highly effective. And most of our clients tell us that IPL treatments are far more comfortable.

Why will I fall in LOVE with IPL?

Most of our clients tell us that IPL is far more comfortable than any other hair-removal method they’ve ever tried before! Waxing, electrolysis, even traditional laser treatment – IPL beats them, hands-down. For most hair types and areas of the body, IPL is simply the best way to eliminate or slow regrowth to the maximum possible. Did we mention that you’ll never suffer with an ingrown hair again! Of course, for many clients, the biggest advantage is that laser treatment didn’t do anything due to their hair colour. In that case, you just have to try IPL. We think you’ll love it!

Can you really treat red, white, grey, or blonde hair?

Yes, we can! On your first visit, you’ll meet with our Hair Removal Specialist. Regular lasers target dark hairs, carrying heat into the follicle through the hair’s melanin (dark pigment). That’s why they work best only with the combination of light skin and dark hair. Our technology will give fast results with any hair colour, even the most difficult ones out there. At your first visit, our Hair Removal Specialist may recommend waxing for areas not suitable for IPL treatment. If you’ve been treated elsewhere for over a year and you still haven’t seen results – call us for a FREE assessment. We’re that certain we can help YOU!


Doesn’t IPL cost more?

Not in the long term! It’s true that each individual session may be more expensive. But you’ll save money in the long term because you’ll get more effective treatment, with less re-growth. With IPLS, you’re investing in your body and getting better results that will stay silky-smooth much longer. (For lip area, because hair growth is hormonal, maintenance sessions may be needed every two to three months.)

How do I prepare for my IPL treatment?

It’s super-easy to get ready! Here are a few important things you should do to get ready to come see us…

  1. Our Hair Removal Specialist can only work on your hair if we can see it! Grow it before your visit to a length of at least 2mm, which we think of as “double stubble.”
  2. Keep cool before your visit: on the day of your visit, avoid sun exposure, hot showers, tight clothes, or exercise.
  3. Healthy, clean skin: don’t tan in the sun, indoors or with self-tanners for two weeks (14 days) before and 3 days after your appointment. Skin in the area(s) you want treated should be clean and bare (no makeup).
  4. Check your meds: certain medications are photosensitive, which means they react to light. If possible, put off taking medications or vitamins, even without a prescription, until you have completed your entire Treatment Plan with us.

What can I expect at my session?

At your first visit, you’ll meet with our Hair Removal Specialist, who will review your hair type, and help develop a Personalized Treatment Plan. This could include some combination of IPL and waxing, along with scheduled touch-ups for when your treatments are finished.

How long does IPL take?

Each IPL treatment will last from between 10 to 25 minutes. It depends on where you’re having it done and what type of hair you have. If you have any questions, ask us when you call, or ask your Hair Removal Specialist when you come for your visit. We’re Sydney’s best, and no matter what coloured hair you have, we’re confident you’ll love IPL as much as we do.