Microblading Your Brows: Five Essential Rules

Microblading Your Brows: Five Essential Rules

You know that feeling that you’re not ready to step out the door until you’ve chosen the right accessories? Exactly the right earrings or necklace to show off your look? Well, there’s one “accessory” so many women forget to take care of before they go out: your eyebrows.

Just like accessories, there are so many ways to “do” brows. It doesn’t matter if you like yours delicately sculpted, au naturel with just a hint of taming, or something in between, you know there’s a dizzying range of products out there that offer to help you get your brows absolutely perfect: powders, liners, gels and even cosmetic tattoos. But why bother keeping track of all that – and the expense and hassle – when there’s a great new way to get a semi-permanent look you’ll love?

Microblading, also known as “eyebrow embroidery” or “feather touch” uses fine, delicate lines to create the appearance of perfectly natural brows. It doesn’t use a machine, but relies on the artistry of a special “pen,” a unique tool that allows a trained cosmetic artist to gently apply the most precise strokes. If you’ve seen any great brows lately on your social media stream, they were probably accomplished through microblading.


Here are five essential rules I’ve learned during the time I’ve been offering this service to my Sydney clients.

1. Plan Ahead

Choose where you’re going to have it done based on certifications, experience, and recommendations, but also on your “gut feeling.” When you walk through the door of the beauty provider’s studio, it should feel clean and professional. Ask her for before and after photos to see examples of her work. But most importantly, does she sit down with you and answer all your questions? Is she rushing through her explanations, or does she seem patient and willing to tell you everything you need to know about the process? At Eyebrow Experts, home of the best eyebrow shaping Sydney, we offer a free consultation and will take as long as we need to make sure you’re comfortable!

2. Come Prepared

Time to go natural – at least for a couple of weeks. Your technician will need to understand the natural length and shape of your brows by actually measuring them to determine the most natural look she can accomplish. Ask us about our special at-home exfoliant that you can apply before your treatment to get your skin looking absolutely exquisite! However, make sure to skip any other exfoliation treatments for 72 hours before your appointment – you’ll find these in skin treatments that contain Renova, Retin-A, AHA (alpha-hydroxy) and glycolic acid.

Take care of your skin! Most exfoliants (other than the gentle product we recommend before treatment) can make your skin more sensitive during the procedure, as can blood thinning medication – so please inform your technician about any prescription medication. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have diabetes, microblading isn’t recommended.

3. Talk to me!

When you come in for your consultation, you’ll meet with your eyebrow specialist who will carefully measure your face shape and structure and determine the best shape for your brows. It’s more complex than you might think – there are about six main measurements that we make using specialized tools before we even begin the procedure. Because of this, your technician will determine the ideal shape of the brows, but you should feel confident about asking for the thickness you’re looking for. You will also be given a handheld mirror to hold during the procedure so you can see and understand how the brows are being shaped, and ask questions if you’re concerned.

4. Love Your New Brows

After your treatment, you’ll probably be eager to show off your new feather stroke eyebrows. But please avoid using products or makeup on the area for at least 10 days after your application. In fact, you should avoid touching the area at all. We’ll give you detailed instructions about how to care for your new brows – including rinsing and carefully applying the special post-treatment cream we will provide. Skip direct sunlight and the tanning bed for ten days, as well as excessive sweating and working out. And even after things are back to normal, I strongly recommend protecting your brows from premature fading with SPF30 sunscreen to keep the look as long as possible. Ask us about out special brow sunscreen cream product, which is delightfully gentle and moist to offer you the longest possible enjoyment of your gorgeous new look!

5. Twice as Nice

Although some clients expect thick, gorgeous brows after the first treatment, a realistic approach means keeping in mind that it may take more than one appointment to get to your own personal ideal thickness. We recommend waiting 30 days between applications. Also, while the results are long-lasting, they’re not permanent, and the strokes of the hairs applied will soften and blend more with your skin as time passes. Depending on your skin type, the durability of your results may vary, but generally, your new brows will stay lovely from eight to eighteen months; many women find they look their best with an annual touch-up. And I’m sure you’ll agree with all my thrilled clients who’ve tried microblading that worrying about brows once a year is a whole lot better than fussing with all those powders, pencils, and gels every single day!


The Power of Brows

The Power of Brows

As an eyebrow specialist and a professional in the beauty industry, I’ve realized that every woman loves to look good. However, you don’t need to put on a heavy makeup to achieve this. It’s nice to have good eyebrows, a nice eyeliner as well as a nice tattoo color on your lips. All these will go a long way in giving you that great look that you crave for.

Well-shaped as well as groomed eyebrows, help to frame a woman’s face and provide her with a youthful appearance. The purpose of this piece is to reach out to moms and moms-to-be and enlighten them to understand the power that lies in well-groomed eyebrows.

Well-shaped eyebrows coupled with the right color eyebrow tint takes years off the face of ladies. A particular brow will fit a specific face. This is because no two brows are similar and we don’t have one template to fit everyone. I always urge my clients to ensure that they keep a shapely brow and not tamper with the fullness. The most important thing when it comes to brow is finding the right balance. Nicely-shaped eyebrows will make you feel good about yourself each time you stare in the mirror.


As we grow older, we tend to lose color in our brows and eyelashes. I’ll advise those in this category to tint their brows and lashes so that they give the face definition and dimension and to also brighten up the entire face. Also, as we age, hormonal hairs start growing in the brows. These are usually long and have a coarse texture. They are usually white or gray in color. Do not pull too many of these hairs out on your own to prevent creating ‘holes’ in your brow. All you need is a professional attention and that’s where eyebrow specialists like me come in. The most suitable solution for this is lightening the eyebrow.

Lots of people do ask if they should follow trends when it comes to shaping eyebrows. The fact is, trends do come and go with brows. The most important thing is to go with whatever suits you. The first step is to find an eyebrow specialist that will guide you on the right path. For instance, I know my client’s eyebrows very well and it’ll be easy for me to know when a hair is missing. The truth is, once you find a brow expert, you will never leave her.


Maintenance of Brows

Maintenance of eyebrows at home should be kept to the barest minimum. Do not wax yourself at home, although it’s okay to pluck the hairs found below your brow line. An eyebrow specialist will provide you with the best eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tattooing that suit your face. You can even enroll for an eyebrow shaping course to learn how it’s done.

You can also get a good brow pencil or powder so that your color can be kept fuller as well as polished for longer. Powders will help you create fullness while pencils will fill gaps and create lines. You can then slick a good brow gel over the top to keep the brow hairs in place and provide you with a great look.

I hope you found this piece useful. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. Keep in touch with the latest brow and beauty tips and advice by subscribing to my newsletter at http://www.eyebrowexperts.com/


Top 3 Most Common Eyebrow Problems

Top 3 Most Common Eyebrow Problems

Every one of us has run into various problems with our eyebrows, however, as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I have complied the top three most common eyebrow problems I see from my customers. I pride myself in offering the best eyebrow shaping Sydney has available, which is why I want to reach out and help you avoid these mistakes via my professional eyebrow shaping course. Before you get to that point, check out these common eyebrow problems.

1. Eyebrows are too sparse or thin, maybe even non-existent.


This is a common problem many women face. As we age, our hair follicles die more rapidly, and unfortunately don’t grow back. Often when a client comes to see me with this issue I am forced to give the brow a structure and create a shape without much hair to work with. However, it is possible, and with tinting and well-chosen styling products, you can achieve some symmetry and fullness in your brow. I explain more of these options in my eyebrow shaping course.

2. Gaps or scars in the Eyebrow



Gaps and scars can make it difficult on me as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney. It is not uncommon for untrained beauty specialists to attempt removing the gaps to correct the problem, but this can cause unevenness in the brows themselves. I prefer to simply work around this gap and create a unique shape around it. Once again, the right styling products can create volume and work wonders. A hair stroke tattooing solution is also a perfectly good option.

3. Extra-long eyebrowsimages

Even the best eyebrow shaping Sydney based service has to contend with extra-long eyebrows every now and again. This causes the eyes to droop downwards with the eyebrows. Styled eyebrows should always point upwards and outwards when properly managed. This creates the desired shape and effect.

Learn more eyebrow styling solutions by joining my eyebrow shaping course and discover a better shape for your face.


LOVE the EyeBrows

LOVE the EyeBrows

Are you sick of replying your brow powder all day long? If so, you’re not alone. As an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I fully understand the problems that women face in trying to keep their eyebrows beautiful.

Finding the best eyebrow shaping Sydney has to offer is no easy task, especially if you want quality work! Because our eyebrows shape our face and help us create the look we want, it is critical you find a professional eyebrow shaping Sydney based business to help you out. Fortunately, I am totally here to help you out!

Creating eyebrow shapes for my clients is my passion! Defining a clean, full and beautiful brow is my art form, and I have spent many years honing my craft so I can provide my clients with the perfect look. If shaped correctly, your eyebrows can draw attention away from unwanted facial concerns and make you look like the goddess you truly are.

Having worked for celebrities and those in the public view, I am fully aware of what it takes to restructure the face with well-defined brows. Using the right equipment and having a plan in mind before I put tweezer to face, helps me create the looks my clients crave.


In between your professional shaping with me, there are a few things you can do to keep your brows in tip-top shape. Check out a few of my brow-beauty tips below and keep your brows looking fab all month long!

Tip #1. Use a brow powder to create the shape you want. The hairs that are ‘negative’ to your design should be removed with tweezers.

Tip #2. Tweeze one hair at a time. Right now, fuller brows are in style, so don’t get overzealous with your tweezers. Instead, take your eyebrows and brush them upwards and tweeze accordingly.

Tip #3. Ideally have a professional shape your brows for you. If you don’t want to risk ending up with one eyebrow shorter than the other, or too wide of a gap, then you definitely want to hire a professional.

I can help you achieve the look you want and offer customized maintenance tips to help you keep it. If you want the best eyebrow shaping in Sydney then give me a call! As an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I have the experience you can count on to make your brows look amazing. I can’t wait to help you shape your brows, so book your appointment today!


The Art of Brows

The Art of Brows

Time is increasingly scarce for a majority of my eyebrow clients who will try to squeeze a wax in on their lunch break or amidst running errands after they have dropped the kids off at school.

Nora Lancaster had been to me several times but I could tell that it had been a while because her eyebrows were in great need of a wax! I greeted her with a smile and directed her back to the treatment room.

Now an eyebrow wax is a different procedure altogether because my complete service includes customised shaping and a total eyebrow makeover. The entire wax takes around 45 minutes for the first visit and 30 minutes for maintenance touch-ups. With an eyebrow treatment, I don’t perform a speed wax since my service is a unique and personalised procedure that takes time to get the most flattering shape for each individual.

As I begun Nora’s eyebrow wax, I immediately noticed that we had a minor situation on our hands. This was something that I had unfortunately seen before where Nora’s eyebrows didn’t match her actual hair color or the beautiful tone of her skin.

It always astonishes me just how many clients don’t put thought into the grooming of their eyebrows as much as they do into the dying, cutting, and styling of their hair. Sure enough, Nora had gorgeous long, dark hair that was thick and healthy, and she also had beautiful, pale skin that was almost porcelain

However, her eyebrows were grey, bushy and long not complementing her glamorous hair and skin, and even worse, they were making her look much older than her years.To ease Nora into her eyebrow treatment I decided to use my effective and true tactic of complimenting her based on how her eyebrows could look after some dedicated grooming.“Nora, you have such gorgeous dark hair that contrasts beautifully with your porcelain skin, and I can just envision how striking you would look with tinted, trimmed, and shaped eyebrows!” I exclaimed!

“What do you mean?” Nora looked puzzled. I was just thinking you could do some light shaping because I really don’t want a big change.”How could I put this tactfully?“Nora, with all due respect, you are an absolutely gorgeous woman, but your eyebrows don’t match your hair color and they make you look much older than your age.”I waited for a moment to see if my comment had offended her, and she actually laughed! Thank goodness.“Well, at least I know I can trust you since you give it to me straight! Do whatever you think is best to make my eyebrows look less ancient.” Nora said with a wink.

That was all the permission I needed as I got to work right away shaping, tinting, and trimming her stray and grey eyebrow hairs. By the time that I was finished with Nora’s treatment, approximately 40 minutes later, she looked like a completely different person, and looked a good 10 years younger! I handed Nora a mirror to inspect her eyebrow art and she was immediately overjoyed. “Oh my God! You’re right! I do look younger!

This was better than a facelift – thank you so much for being honest!” I finished cleaning off the wax and applying a soothing ice lotion to her skin to conclude the treatment. As I was applying the post-wax cleanser to remove the excess wax residue, I noticed Nora’s eyes studying my aesthetician room. She immediately noticed me watching her and gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Sorry! I am such a neat freak and I constantly obsess over any offices I visit to ensure they are clean. Fortunately your room is really clean, and I’m impressed because you’d be surprised how dirty most of the offices I visit are!”

I have to give Nora credit as she owns a cleaning business, so she is identical to me when it comes to being exceptionally tidy.It was actually relative that Nora should mention this since one of my pet peeves in the salon industry is a salon professional that doesn’t take cleaning their workspace seriously. Cleanliness not only makes an excellent impression on your client, but is vital to preventing the spread of dirt, bacteria, and disease. Even when you are waxing, there is a risk for a small amount of blood during the procedure, so cleanliness and sanitation is of the utmost importance.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!