Transgendered Brows

Transgendered Brows

In my beauty practice as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I’ve worked with many male-to-female transgendered people. They’re some of my favorite clients to talk to because many are very open to exciting changes in their appearance, and they’re not scared to try something different or new if it will help them achieve the perfect look for their face.
For a transgendered person, it’s almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of brows. They’re one of the first “clues” that we look to on a person’s face to determine if that person is male or female. So you want your brows to say exactly the right things about you.

Most of these clients know this already, of course. That’s why they’re coming to see me! But when they first arrive, many are unfamiliar with anything beyond a basic pair of tweezers. So they’re amazed at how many tools and techniques I have to help them achieve their dreams. Transformations they believed impossible unfold before their eyes!


With my experience in different types of beauty treatments, I can almost always find recommendations for creating the best eyebrow shaping for their facial shape and bone structure.

As with all my clients, I work together with them to sketch and plan the ideal brows, the way an architect plans a building from the ground up.

And don’t forget eyelashes! If your lashes are thin, pale, or sparse, one of the best ways to accomplish an appealing, natural-looking ”feminine” look that isn’t over the top is with lash tattooing.


This is a semi-permanent technique that will last and last. Forget about putting on mascara before you head out the door – with lash tattooing, my clients are enjoying a hassle-free beauty routine that can accomplish dramatic results quickly.

Of course, there are unique challenges in working with transgender people, such as skin texture and hair removal. That’s where my extensive training and experience come in. From my years of experience in waxing and eyebrow shaping, I have a deep understanding of skin types, skin tones, and which treatments and techniques will work best for which individuals.

Many clients who are transitioning are insecure about their new look. From Brazilian waxing to cosmetic tattooing, I’ll never suggest a procedure I don’t believe will make a dramatic difference in that person’s life, and I will always consult with the client at every step of the way to make sure they’re comfortable and happy with the results.

What I love most about these clients is that they often open up to me. Transitioning is tough, and I always try to make the process easier in any way I can, whether they just want beauty advice or need somebody to talk to about the process.

Of course, as a beauty professional, it’s also such an exciting thing for me to watch the transition taking place before my eyes, and share in these clients’ joy at embracing the new life that they’ve always dreamed of!



Modeling & Acting

Modeling & Acting

When supermodel and actor Cara Delevingne revealed in 2015 that she lets her brows go au naturel, shockwaves rippled through the world of beauty, fashion and modeling. The carefully plucked look which had ruled the scene for so long was out, and a new natural look was in.

Delevingne admits that she got “lucky” with the shape of her natural brows. But what about those who aren’t born with full brows arranged in a perfectly quirky arch?
In my years as one of the top eyebrows experts in Sydney, I’ve worked with tons of models and actresses and learned many of their secrets. With over 15 years of experience, my work has been seen in Harper’s Bazaar, OK!, Cosmopolitan, and more, and I’ve been featured on Australian and LA radio as a guest expert.

So you can trust me when I tell you that eyebrows can help your career in ways you’d never expect!IMG_1496

I know how tough it can be breaking in as an actor or model. You don’t just need the right look – you need something more. What you need is a look that stands out from the crowd, not in a way that’s artificial and forced, but in a way that lets agents and casting personnel know that you’re versatile and open to anything.

My experience has taught me what types of look these execs are looking for, and that can make or break a deal for a young or aspiring actress or model.

That’s why I’m passionate about brows. The reason is simple: the right eyebrows, shaped, coloured, and contoured to suit your facial bone structure, skin tone and other features can make your look pop in a way almost no other beauty technique can.

From years of practice, providing the best eyebrow shaping in Sydney, I can tell you straight up – there’s almost no situation I can’t improve to take your appearance from good to great, from delightful to simply divine.

Sparse, patchy or pale eyebrows are no problem, either – the solution may be cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, a feather stroke eyebrow procedure that creates the look of full, natural brows in a colour that highlights your face without looking awkward or overblown.

I’ll work with you, listening to your needs and exploring the look you want to create. Then I’ll design a shape you’ll love, customized to your face shape and more. You’ll come away with style that sets you apart from the crowd.


Another tip: Cara Delevingne has admitted that she sometimes plucks her brows, but you don’t have to – I’ll take care of stray and unwanted hairs and ensure that your look is as simple as possible to put together when you’re heading out the door.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget lashes! If you want a semi-permanent, hassle-free beauty routine, skip the mascara and check out lash tattooing – a dramatic way to complement those new brows.

With so many years of experience transforming faces every single day, I love what I do, and I’ll also tell you honestly what others may not – no other treatment can turbo-charge your career the way brows can.

Here’s another way we’re making your life easier here at EyebrowExperts Sydney: did you know that you can your appointment through our website in 3 easy steps?


For more information, before you book in, send us an e-mail on or call us on 0439 3597 45. If there’s no answer, we’re probably busy giving others beautiful brows – just leave a message and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.


Here is The Most Important Facial Feature

Here is The Most Important Facial Feature

1-1Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with our eyebrows? Have you ever asked yourself why eyebrow competitions are the order of the day? The reason for these cannot be far-fetched, our eyebrows are the most important features on our faces. This explains why many take eyebrow shaping courses or seek the service of eyebrow specialists to improve their outlook. In fact, our obsession with Cara Delevingne’s bold eyebrows is yet to die out. Yahoo! Health has explained the various reasons why eyebrows are the most important features on our faces.

Eyebrows help in protecting the eyes from dirt and sweat. However, we consider eyebrows as key features of beauty. Most of us crave for Delevingne’s bushy eyebrows. According to a study conducted in collaboration with QVC, it was discovered that British women spend about 3.6 million dollars on their brows yearly. This goes a long way to shown that are eyebrows are trendy.

Another study that supports the fact that eyebrows are the most important facial features is the 2013 survey carried out by University of Lethbridge, Canada. The study was based on two sets of pictures taken by the researchers. A set has no eyes while the other set has no eyebrows. Both sets were presented to the participants. 56 percent of the participants identified the celebs without eyes while just 46 percent were able to identify them without eyebrows. This finding made researchers agree and conclude that eyebrows are crucial facial features that play a significant role in facial recognition.


According to Javid Sadr, one of the researchers involved in the aforementioned survey, bushy eyebrows that are seen today can be likened to the shoulder pad trend noticed in the 90s. Big shoulder pads were trends considered as masculine features. In the same manner, eyebrows are the recent trends that are being embraced by women to enhance their beauty and boost their confidence.

Eyebrows trigger certain first impressions about someone’s character. This is very crucial since it takes humans only milliseconds to look at someone’s face and decide whether they are good or trustworthy.


At EyebrowExperts, we understand the value the eyebrows add to the face. As a result, our CEO- Svetlana Burckhardt has the best eyebrow shaping techniques that will help you look gorgeous. Svetlana also has an eye-opening eyebrow shaping course that will teach you the nitty-gritty of eyebrow shaping. You can also get in touch with us for eyebrow tattooing, Brazilian waxing and feather stroke eyebrows amongst others.


Is There Any Relationship Between Eyebrows and Well-Being?

Is There Any Relationship Between Eyebrows and Well-Being?


Eyebrows can either be bushy or smooth, arched or straight. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. They play an important role in expressing our mood.
There seems to be a connection between eyebrows and our well-being. For instance, they help to prevent rain and sweat from entering our eyes. They also play a key role in deflecting debris and protecting our eyes from the sun.


Eyebrows, however, are not limited to these functions. Apart from the role they play in maintaining our well-being, they also help in our facial expressions by conveying our emotions in ways that can be easily known. So, while planning to shave or pluck you need to remember their importance.


Just as eyebrows define our beauty and improve our well-being, so does complementary medicine improves our health. My friend – Tabitha, runs a service that’s aimed at helping her clients improve their well-being by awakening their health.

Tabitha is amazing and she is located in Woollahra on Queen Street. She is a well-known naturopath and nutritionist and has appeared in different publications and TV shows across Australia. She is an author and lectures in the university. I call her “walking encyclopedia.” I take supplements recommended by her since I’m gluten intolerant, vegetarian and decaf person. I recommend her because she is an expert in her field, just like me.

She helps her clients achieve the best results by working closely with them towards their individual health goals and by also helping them live their lives to their fullest potentials. She achieves these through natural health care.

She is committed to providing her clients with the best support and updated information that will help them achieve optimal health. Her main goal is to change the way her clients experience their world.

If you’d love to take a positive action as far as your health is concerned, then check out her website and her services here: I can help enhance your external beauty while she can help with the internal.

What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering

What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering

Feathering is another name for one of my absolute favorite new procedures. And I think you’re going to love it just as much as I do. It’s more formally called “hair stroke eyebrow tattooing” or “microblading”, and it’s the newest way to give you hands-down the most natural-looking brows I’ve ever seen in 16 years in this business.

Other names for this technique are “eyebrow embroidery” or “feather touch”. It’s gotten these names because the effect is so stunningly artistic – it’s like no beauty treatment you’ve ever seen before.

Eyebrows are how I’ve built my reputation! Running one of Sydney’s top salons in my current location in Double Bay, I’ve explored a lot of techniques. Some haven’t impressed me much – but this one has, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Eyebrow feathering looks just like real hair – only better! Why? Because we apply it only where YOU want it, for gorgeous natural-looking brows that frame your face perfectly. It’s a wonderful way to enhance thin, faded or uneven eyebrows, or just treating yourself to the stunning brows you’ve dreamed of for ages.


Feathering: Is it for you?

Do you feel apprehensive when you hear the words “eyebrow tattooing”? If so, I want you to know that I have developed a method that is sure to put you at ease. My ambition is to change your perception of eyebrow tattooing, so you’ll go home smiling, thrilled with your new look.

If you’re wondering whether feathering is for you, you’ll be thrilled to know that it works beautifully with most skin types and hair colors. Clients also worry that it will affect natural hair growth – it won’t. And we’ll never shave your own brows off before the treatment!

If you have specific issues or problems with your brows, such as patchy eyebrows, alopecia, too-short or crooked brows, let us know when you come in for your initial consultation. I’ve found that there are truly very few problems that cannot be corrected with eyebrow feathering.

On the day of your appointment, just come as you are: skip exfoliation treatments for 72 hours beforehand, as these tend to make your skin more sensitive. Finally, there’s no scabbing after the procedure, so you’ll look terrific almost immediately.

Eyebrow Experts: Five Fast Feathering Facts

  1. Eyebrow feathering is applied by hand with a special precision tool to give natural, artistic results that look just like real hair.
  2. Your new brows are semi-permanent; depending on a number of factors, they will last between twelve and eighteen months.
  3. Our special pigment comes in a range of natural-looking colors to match your hair (I’ve found that darker shades last longer between touch-ups).
  4. After treatment, your new brows may look a shade or two darker than your normal makeup, but still WELL within the natural range. (Just bold enough to get you a few compliments!)
  5. This dark shade will fade over time to a slightly softer shade (see aftercare tips for ways to keep the boldest possible color longer!).

Eyebrow Experts: Complete Consultation

At Eyebrow Experts, your consultation goes way beyond eyebrows. Our technicians have a detailed understanding of the technical issues of working with skin, especially facial skin, and the measurements and structures of your face, so you get the right eyebrows for you and your lifestyle – not just a generic look out of a catalogue.

When you sit down with us on the day of your appointment, we’ll help you completely customize your new look so it’s just right for you. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Your preferences (a slightly fuller or thinner look)
  • Your age, face shape and bone structure
  • Hair and skin coloring
  • Lifestyle and maintenance effort
  • Desired effect: more “style” vs. more “natural” effect
  • Facial/brow symmetry or lack thereof

For every client, one of the most important steps is deciding brow placement. Using our special technique, we measure the precise starting point, highest point, ending position and other details. Think of an architect, drafting plans for a building that shows off the beautiful natural piece of land it’s built on! This way, we can achieve the most precise and technically correct dimensions.

Of course, our skilled technicians also contribute their own years of experience and gentle artistic touch, assuring perfect results every time. Set your appointment here.
We also offer FaceTime and Skype Consultation.


Four to Go: Awesome After-Care Tips

Clients report different sensations following treatment, ranging from a numb feeling in the region to a very slight itching. Ring us if you have any concerns at any time.
You will experience some redness in the area for 24 hours following treatment. You should not experience scabbing.

We’ll provide you with a special post-treatment cream for care of your new brows. Follow instructions for rinsing and applying this cream.

Keep your brows dry and out of the sun for the first ten days or so – this includes excessive sweating or working out. We recommend makeup removal wipes around your brows to avoid moisture.

I’m so excited to be able to offer this new and revolutionary technique to my clients. I call my practice Eyebrow Experts for a reason. Eyebrows are my passion!
My goal is to help you, and all my clients, discover the difference the right eyebrows can make in framing your face and opening up your look. Eyebrow feathering offers the most natural and realistic cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and a bold new way to get perfect eyebrows every time.


Your Fashion Guide To Getting Ready For The Melbourne Cup Day

Your Fashion Guide To Getting Ready For The Melbourne Cup Day

I love lots of things about the Melbourne Cup. Some of the things that I love about the game are the champagne, the horses, and of course, the fashion. It is essential to look not only beautiful but also fresh all day long because the Melbourne Cup is a long event. In this article, I have highlighted some areas that you need to pay attention to so that you can look awesome for the big day.


The Skin

Your skin needs to shine bright like a diamond (I took that line from Rihanna’s songJ). The skin usually looks dull and lacks lustre due to the build-up of dead skin cells. You can fix this by exfoliating your skin bi-weekly. To do this, wet your hands and put the exfoliating product of your choice into your palms. Rub both palms together to have a paste and then apply it to your face gently in a circular motion. Rub it into the corners around your nose as well as along the hairline. After application, rinse your face with warm water, pat it to dry and apply your skincare essentials. Make sure that you’ve been exfoliating your skin weeks before the commencement of the race.


The Brows

In case you don’t know, your brow holds much power. They have the power to either make or break your look. To have an awesome look, you need polished and well-plucked brows that frame your face perfectly. I’ll advise you don’t put your fate in your own hands. Let experts handle this for you. Book an appointment with Eye Brow Experts- we are your go-to brow pros and we’ll give you a gorgeous outlook.


The Hair

Frizzy hair is difficult to style. You can fix this by treating your hair to deep conditioning mask about twice every week. Ensure you do this at least a week before the game. This will help repair and nourish your hair back to its awesome state.



When you’re trying to look good for the big day, it is better you don’t try anything new. Don’t use any new products, treatments or makeups. I say this because you’re not sure of how your skin will react to the ingredients in these new products. So, the best thing to do is to stick with the products that you’re familiar with. Follow my tips and you’ll look glamorous for the D day.