Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Have you heard the news? Australia is going cruelty-free! After a 2-year campaign by animal rights advocates, Australia’s raising itself to EU standards, banning animal testing here and the import of cruelty cosmetics from abroad.

As a beauty professional and a vegetarian who strongly believes in living a cruelty-free life, I feel like this new law has given my soul a gift. It’s like a weight off my shoulders. Shouldn’t we avoid harming any life, any other beings? To me, it’s just karma: it always comes back at you somehow.

Everything really comes down to energy. Energy is a vibration, and you choose what kind of energy you put into the world. What you put in – well, that’s what you get back from the world, too.

But here’s the thing. Lots of women here in Australia aren’t sure whether their cosmetics are cruelty-free or not. Or they want to go cruelty-free but don’t want to risk switching brands if they have a beauty regimen and a product line that’s already working for them. Who wants to mess with all of that?

But I have one simple suggestion that will SAVE YOU TIME on your daily beauty routine AND guarantee you never have to risk using cruelty cosmetics. The answer: cosmetic tattooing. It’s subtle, and a more gentle procedure than you might think. And the best part is: nobody will ever guess that it’s actually a tattoo.



If you’ve invested in good brands of cosmetics – I’m not talking about the cheap stuff teenagers get away with – then you’re probably paying quite a bit for those products. And by the way, all the major brands are still testing on animals, so be careful what you’re buying.

svetlana-260x300But regardless of which brand you prefer, cosmetic tattooing is going to save you money in the long run, and get you the look you love in a simpler, more time-efficient way. Wake up each day looking exactly the way you want to look! You’ll never worry about makeup running or smudging again, and you’ll absolutely never have to stay awake worrying about what was done to animals to get it into the shops.

Believe me, I know there are practitioners out there who give cosmetic tattooing a bad name. They go for the most dramatic possible look. But there’s a reason I’ve built my business and reputation as one of Sydney’s top beauty professionals – and why my clients keep coming back, and letting their friends know about my services – which range from cosmetic tattooing to eyebrow sculpting to my famous Seven-Minute Brazilian.

I’m happy to consult by phone, email or Skype. Let me know your concerns, and tell me what you want to achieve! I’ll work WITH you – your opinion is the only one that matters – to create a subtle look that turns heads; I promise to provide the most natural and lovely possible version of yourself – a look you’ll be thrilled to wake up to every single morning.


Gay or straight – your looks can’t wait!

Gay or straight – your looks can’t wait!

Hey, guys: big hair is out – at least below the waist! The stats are in: about 1/3 of men are grooming “down there,” removing hair in the pubic area. But the bad news is that most of them are plucking, shaving and waxing at home by themselves – techniques that are both uncomfortable and ineffective, leading to fast regrowth, stubble, itching and ingrown hairs. Ouch!

According to the U.K. survey, men are also removing hair in other areas of the body, like nose and ears, eyebrows, chest and back. The natural look just doesn’t have the street cred it once did – girls and guys want partners who put in the time and care about their looks.

It used to be for gay guys only, but today, the sleek, streamlined look on a man is earning oohs and aahs from straight women and gay partners alike. And every guy we’ve talked to adores the feeling of being touched skin-to-skin. Everyone deserves to love and be loved! You deserve the intimacy of getting close to another person, without all that hair getting in the way.

So let’s see… you want to be gorgeous all over, right? Utterly touchable and irresistible? So how can you get the look without the agony? How can you achieve long-lasting, smoothly strokable results without spending a fortune?

Men, it’s time to learn from the ladies! Ask your girlfriends; they know. When it comes to hair removal, you’ve got to turn to a pro. It’s a new generation, and this ain’t your grandpa’s straight razor!


Worried that professional waxing and laser hair removal will cost you more? In the long run, you’ll save money, effort and a ton of time. And you’ll end up with a manly look that’s groomed WITHOUT the hassle.

Stand up and demand the best waxing and eyebrow shaping Sydney has to offer! Eyebrow tattooing is another simple option for men looking for a long-term low-maintenance solution. And we are absolutely the most skilled and experienced when it comes to waxing and the latest IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, effective even on light hair – for any area of your body!


This trend towards higher standards in male body-hair grooming comes at a time when the bearded look is being revived all over the world.

Should a man with a beard still keep himself trimmed below the neck? Absolutely! There’s no contradiction at all in a guy who’s a bear up top going bare – or tastefully shaped – down there.

Gay or straight, you want a look that shares what you feel and who you are deep inside. Looking terrific – trimmed and sleek – is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment – and keeping your partner snuggling in close with satisfaction at the same time!


Top 3 Most Common Eyebrow Problems

Top 3 Most Common Eyebrow Problems

Every one of us has run into various problems with our eyebrows, however, as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I have complied the top three most common eyebrow problems I see from my customers. I pride myself in offering the best eyebrow shaping Sydney has available, which is why I want to reach out and help you avoid these mistakes via my professional eyebrow shaping course. Before you get to that point, check out these common eyebrow problems.

1. Eyebrows are too sparse or thin, maybe even non-existent.


This is a common problem many women face. As we age, our hair follicles die more rapidly, and unfortunately don’t grow back. Often when a client comes to see me with this issue I am forced to give the brow a structure and create a shape without much hair to work with. However, it is possible, and with tinting and well-chosen styling products, you can achieve some symmetry and fullness in your brow. I explain more of these options in my eyebrow shaping course.

2. Gaps or scars in the Eyebrow



Gaps and scars can make it difficult on me as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney. It is not uncommon for untrained beauty specialists to attempt removing the gaps to correct the problem, but this can cause unevenness in the brows themselves. I prefer to simply work around this gap and create a unique shape around it. Once again, the right styling products can create volume and work wonders. A hair stroke tattooing solution is also a perfectly good option.

3. Extra-long eyebrowsimages

Even the best eyebrow shaping Sydney based service has to contend with extra-long eyebrows every now and again. This causes the eyes to droop downwards with the eyebrows. Styled eyebrows should always point upwards and outwards when properly managed. This creates the desired shape and effect.

Learn more eyebrow styling solutions by joining my eyebrow shaping course and discover a better shape for your face.