“The Best of Both Worlds” album was released by R. Kelly and Jay-Z in 2002 and the song from that album that caught my attention is “Power of the P.”
The title of the track speaks volumes of its own and for me, it speaks to the Power of Women in healing themselves and others. For the longest time, it’s believed that the fastest way to healing is through the walls of a spiritually-aligned woman’s vagina.
What if? When a woman’s greatest healing asset needs its own healing? It’s been too long, for women to have borne the brunt of healing the World, but neglecting in taking the time to heal themselves.
Remember that not every woman has access to clinical mental health care, and certain traumas make some women mistrustful of revealing their traumas beyond their own hearts. All these barriers bare one question among the masses of broken women in need of wholeness: how can I heal MYSELF???
A gemstone never loses it’s mother earth given energy.
Yoni Eggs 
Yoni Eggs may just be the key to overcoming the problems associated with your healing and most intimate wants and needs.
The Yoni Egg has existed for centuries, and I am proud to be bringing you this ancient medicinal product here!
Sometimes referred to as the jade egg, Yoni Eggs are a polished stone that is meant to be inserted in your vagina.
There are many practical benefits associated with Yoni Eggs, however they also promote a deeper and more mystical purpose.
At their core, they offer the chance to explore yourself through ritual.
They are derived from Chinese origin, thought to be used by Chinese emperors to promote youth, sexual prowess and vitality in their selected concubines.
They were used in ancient medicine and each crystal or gemstone was to possess different properties, including healing.
There are various crystal and gemstone Yoni Eggs on offer in my new range and each has their own spiritual purpose.
Discover your inner wisdom, open your heart, find new found vitality and creativity. 
These are just a few of the spiritual benefits that can be revealed through the use of Yoni Eggs.
Are you on the search for better sex?
Do you suffer from incontinence?
Are you looking to strengthen your pelvic floor?
Do you want to heal some of your unwanted emotions in yourself?
On a practical level, Yoni Eggs provide benefits such as more intense orgasms, stronger internal grip during intercourse, increase vaginal lubrication, relieve symptoms of incontinence, to treat or reduce the risk of uterine prolapse, promote healing after childbirth, reduce symptoms of PMS and reduce the risk of leakage.
So, if this sounds appealing to you, join me in the launch of my brand new range of crystal and gemstone Yoni Eggs.
They will awaken your sensuality and assist you to explore your mind, body and soul.