Perfect if you are having…


These are just a few but there’s a lot of things happening to our body, mind, and soul right after giving birth to our babies.

Have you ever thought about these things?
Have you ever thought that your body will change?
Have you ever experienced having extreme mood swings?
Have you ever thought of killing people you love? ( not literally of course)


Why no one ever told you about this?
Why no one ever warned me?

Yes us! Mothers and future moms!

And what about the first time getting all these physical changes?
Feeling fat, being fat, and looking at your body and can’t even recognize yourself.
Having stretch marks, spider veins, varicose veins, stretched saggy tits.
Having depressions, post-partums, and insecurities.

Many of us would think that being in a situation like this is just easy to cope up with.
Well, I’m telling you, it isn’t.

Each individual differs from each other. Others might finish feeling uneasy in a month, in a week, but there are others who feel like this even after a year or two or so…

After not recognizing my own body and having a feeling that everyone is against me and even the loved ones. The feeling of isolation and constant anxious feeling about the kids, the house, the chores clean, what to cook, the dog walks, and the replies to clients. Well, don’t even mention about forgetting the last time I ate. Questioning myself how come I’m not losing any weight and still 30+ kg overweight. when I am doing everything I can to control my diet. And yes I can understand that some couples on the border of separation as I think it’s brave and unknown for a woman to go to motherhood world and of course for a man, it’s kind of a gamble as well. I’m not even talking about sex and money side of things.

So after my motherhood struggle and blessing at the same time. Me being an adventurous person, loving things, and experimenting. I heard a word .. Yoni .. and it drew me towards it so I decided to google and found very interesting articles and stories about this kind of massage. Let me tell you that after long research I discovered one lovely person who I met at Bondi beach spa salon. Yoni massage is one of the most unique and gratifying experience to have. How I wish that this could be talked about naturally on a day to day basis though. For someone who is open about sexuality and sexual health, I have that view about a lot of topics.

I want it to be specific, honest, and first-hand so let me take you to my own experience. Let me preface this with the fact that I am a mother and a woman who is open about my sexuality, who loves my body and who wants to experiment and explore new things. It took me a long time to start loving my body and I’m ecstatic about my container “ body”.

I’m a personal and professional Coach, Psych K, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer who loves
to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone. The natural curiosity into this kind of practice just comes with the job;
never say no to an alternate therapy because it might just work.

After my pregnancy, I wanted to reconnect with my body, or maybe see it in a new light that I had never been before.
I wanted to experience what it feels like because I’m a very curious person like a child.
Second, I wanted to experience what life has to offer and how I find it interesting to see the experience of another woman.

We often go to a place to get massage all the time and I think Yoni massage is not an exception. Some of us may feel a little embarrassed about our Yoni’s, others wouldn’t even want to look what our Yoni’s look like but it’s actually incredible because every shape of a woman is kind of the same and kind of different at the same tone and it’s just so fascinating!

Trust me! I was a Beauty Therapist in my past life and I’ve developed breakthrough 7 minutes Brazilian waxing and I have waxed and trained a lot of students. I’ve seen quite a lot of Yonis for so many years so believe me when I say that every Yoni is beautiful and that there’s nothing to feel embarrassed or weird about it.

Yoni is actually the Sanskrit word for sacred cave or vagina. The ideology behind the practice, similar to massage of
any other part of the body, is to release tension, treat the muscles, and rejuvenate. It does need to be said that the tantric practices truly honor the yoni as one of the most intimate and super powerful parts of the human body, and the
process of the massage must follow guidelines that turn the massage into something closer to a hallowed ritual.
The massage is heavily focused and guided towards healing and holding space for any emotions that arise during the appointment, so these can be fully explored.

You sit for a while and speak about yourself. This is another rare experience for us women. You should speak of what you think
may be blocking your sexuality, what you feel you need to heal from and where, and how you think your Yoni is, in every manner. Even the talk in itself will be liberating.

Yoni Massage is not a sexual massage. Yoni massage is a very sacred massage from one woman to another giving her to feel the intention that the yoni massage is primarily: healing, awakening, and transformation. Clear boundaries and
intentions are laid out prior to the massage so there is no confusion or misdirection by either the giver or the receiver.
This means through communication, boundaries, and sensation.

The massage can bring on the full spectrum of emotion – sadness might raise its drooping head, only to be replaced with wracking orgasmic energy. Arms fall numb at some points, then an all-encompassing sense of peace. Your chakra will be filled with energy and your spiritual body thrum with rejuvenated power. Yoni massage is Tantric, Enlightening, and Reassuring. Yoni massage will definitely encourage you to embrace your sexuality.

How amazing this could be?
I explored, experiment, and tried it.
It was a really rare experience. It’s life-changing!
Mine was changed, in a good way!

How about you? Do you want to give it a try?