Have you ever thought about expressing your gratitude towards people?

Have you ever tried showing it but seems like it’s being taken for granted? or

You completely have no idea to show it at all?

How we can show it more in our lives, and how eventually it turns to be beneficial for us.

Gratitude is an emotion of feeling grateful or thankful for what you have, and because you are putting energy on the good side, it grows positively as well.

They say “What you reap is what you sow”.

It’s easy to be ungrateful in life. We complain we compare, we think how unlucky we are, and we focus on the things that we lack rather than on the things that we have.

Let me take you back to the time when I was once ungrateful in life.

14 years ago, I started my business EyebrowExperts. Since it was still new at that time, I couldn’t get enough Clients to come in. Some are coming into my clinic but I always think they’re not enough. I always thought of closing down my business because I felt like it’s not working for me. I am being ungrateful. Why? Because I always feel that it isn’t enough. I was unhappy even though some Clients are coming. I focused on thinking why few are interested in my business rather than getting a solution on how I can get things better.

Then, I started to think about how I can make it the other way around. I started by expressing my gratitude to all the Clients who are coming in. I started to thank them and ask for some feedback. I started to make them feel the quality of their presence. I started to think of the present while thinking of the future of the business.

At last, things became better. Little by little. Clients spread the word on how satisfied they are as a customer. People started to become interested. Clients come and go but when we express our gratitude towards them, it’s no longer need why they keep on coming back. It’s already the loyalty and the service. <3