Have you ever wondered what would it be like to show Your Vulnerable-True Self?                       

To show your Fears and weaknesses?

I have been marked as a strong woman who always have a positive perspective in life even if strong storms would challenge me. I always see the brighter side in the worst possible scenario. 

Well, that’s what people would think I would do. In my head, I wanted to yell, I wanted to cry, I wanted to release the tension that was going on inside my mind.

👉 All my years, I’ve been motivating myself to push harder every day. 😩 To be successful in running the business on my own and lived far away from my family. 

I always was genuinely happy and jealous of people who had and have big family to back them up which I never had. Why did I choose to be a loner in this life time? 

The road is not easy I tell you, sometimes I wish on miracles and guidance from the Mother Universe and take a leap of faith just to go through it.

The Mother Universe makes miracles and everything works in absolutely perfect divine order. And we get what we need and not what we want. 

Because I know I can, I know that doing this would mean I can change other people’s lives! Yet I seem to have so many doubts in my head, I’m afraid

😖 To Fail

😣 To Be Rejected

😨 To Be Criticized

😮 To Be Hated

😰 To Make Mistakes

– and 😧 Not Be “Good Enough” in the eyes of the majority and more.

I’m human and when life becomes tough, I tended to hide it, becoming a different person wearing so many faces I didn’t even recognize.

I know it’s not just me, many of us would do the same in times of struggle, it’s not that we are faking it. It’s just we pretend and cover up so we could fit-in, be accepted and feel welcomed to other people’s life.

Aren’t you tired of running trying to chase a paragon that you just built inside your system that is never going to give you any satisfaction?

 Stop running after something you cannot hold with. Embrace it! 

Believe and have faith in yourself that you can do this, you are and you can do great things and whatever it takes to be the best version of YOU.

To be susceptible with a lot of things, such as your fears is not a weakness instead it’s a measure of 💪 Strength. 

Own it

Step Up

Be Awesome

Love Yourself

Be Yourself, because you are AWESOME!

If you do not know how to love and be true to yourself, then Nobody will. Remember, there is so much LIGHT inside of YOU. SHINE BRIGHT.