We humans are a unique and special creature, full of life and possibility. The balance we maintain in our lives, biological, social, mental, or otherwise, is a precise science that no one understands in it's entirety. The chemicals a body needs are measured in mg - milligrams, an unbelievably tiny amount, one-thousandth of a gram. The shortage of even a few milligrams of one chemical can trigger absolutely any problem, even death. 

So when it comes to love, how much do we need? Everyone is different, every body is different. You'll never know unless you ask - so give love, even if it is only a tiny amount. Your "good morning", "how are you?", "do you need to talk?" can be the buoy in a tidal wave. Your little offering of love, to a stranger, a friend, even family, can trigger a cascade.

The chemical change caused even by a few milligrams of love can be a life saver.

"Love is as much a chemical as carbon, 
we live, we thrive, we survive 
on experience, luck, love. 
An open palm offering food, 
or love, 
or safety, 
can pull a soul from the depths of the River Styx."

“The journey of life starts
with a bag full of luck 
& an empty bag of
The goal is to fill the bag
with experience 
before the bag of luck runs