Do you have a vision? Have you set a Vision for what you really truly want?

Some people see the things that they desire, and some people see the things that prevents them from having the thing that they ought to.


You can break the rules but remember that you can’t get in the way of someone else’s in getting what they want. There should be a balance: you can take credit when you also take accountability for your actions.

Don’t be scared to fail or to be wrong. If you are going to fail at something, don’t fail at it because someone put you in that kind of situation.

You FAIL because of your OWN ACTIONS
You FAIL because of your OWN CHOICES
You FAIL because of YOU
And this allows you to make the CORRECTONS, to make it RIGHT.

Failure is great as it allows to know what is right, how it works and it teaches us so many lessons on what we can and can’t do.

We need to learn to have a Vision that is STRONG and COMPELLING, that it gives the strength to PULL us.

Enough reasons to keep us from going and get through anything to achieve it.
We don’t let fear take over if we have enough reasons to push through tough times.
We Make the Things Happen for OURSELVES, Take the LEAP! LEARN- LAUGH – LOVE 🙏❤️SB