Just when curiosity hits me hard, I challenge myself not to eat for 6 straight days. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s absurd!”. Oh yes! I made it possible.

It’s been years when I was able to achieve losing weight and get back to my 50 kg. body. I lose 37 kgs. after my two kids with Personal Development and Hypnosis of which I also apply with my clients. That was a crazy ride.

Right now, this is not about weight loss. It’s more of getting the results of a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthier you.

Your Body speaks and shows how you feel in the inside, it is the reflection of whatever is in your mind or your mental state. A state of awareness for your body, mind and well being can lead to amazing results of concentration, focus and relaxation. It develops a connection to your inner self and can create a better version of yourself.

A lot of benefits can result from Fasting, for some fasting is a way to lose weight. For me I did it to challenge myself, A mental challenge! I was holding on to my “ONLY Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” Decaf Green tea in my hand. I understand that fasting is a holistic form of wellness, therapy and control. It improves your mental health to think and analyse. It also gives you the chance to connect with your body and its rhythm as well as on how it can conquer challenges such as this.

I know, Mums out there like me find it hard to make time with our busy schedules. I’m a mother of two and some days I don’t have time to eat. To all the mums, you can share it with me. I’d be happy to have a 5 minutes chat with you! 😊

It takes a lot to get where you want to even for your mind and body. However, if you push yourself to get on the Finish Line, you’ll realise that it’s Worth it!