It’s time for a confession.  We all like to think we’re in control of our bodies.  But after I had my kids, my body, which had always been size 6-8, ballooned up to size 16.  Worse, I felt like my whole life was out of control.

Have you ever had that feeling?  The one where you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person staring back?

I knew I was inside somewhere – but where?  And how could I get back to the person I had been?

This isn’t just about weight, or about size, though those are important to your health and self-image.  It’s about rediscovering your true self.  The person inside.  And for that, what helped me most was neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  I want to share three tips that worked for me, using the secrets of NLP to lose weight.

1. Picture it as if it’s already happened. Close your eyes.  What will it feel like to see that number on the scale, or slip into those jeans that haven’t fit in so long.  Yup, that feeling.

2. Picture how those who love you feel. Stare at yourself in the mirror, this time not as yourself but as a person you know loves you completely for who you are.  It could be your husband, your kids, your sister.  What do they see?  Focus on those things – the things which are already good and perfect about yourself.

3. Find your triggers – and out they go. There’s always something that “makes” you eat; something that happens that makes you feel like you’re not the one in control.  Figure out what these triggers are and then do your best to either eliminate them or talk yourself through them when they occur.

NLP isn’t magic – you can’t just think yourself slim and then sit down to a tub of Ben & Jerry’s!  It’s hard work.  But NLP can give you the tools and self-confidence to keep your eye on the prize.  It can restore your faith in yourself so you can keep going even when it’s tough.

Today, I’m back down to a size 10, but most importantly, I’m back to loving myself and the skin I’m in.  I look in the mirror and adore the person I am today.  I’m not as young or as slim.  But I’m more complete, more whole, and more satisfied with my life.  I’ve taken back control and I’m never letting go again!

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