Hi there, all you amazing people! How are you doing? (I mean it! Send me a PM; I love to hear from you!)
Now, if you were to ask me that question … I’d have to say I’m doing amazingly well. That’s because I’ve been changing my life so I can help you change yours.

Lately, I’ve been working on my NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Master Coach certification. I’ve been an accredited NLP practitioner for 8 years, and now I’m getting lots of practice working on more advanced techniques with a huge group of other skilled NLP professionals.

These are awesome techniques and I believe they can really help YOU.

Wait a second – I know what you’re probably thinking. I can almost see that skeptical look on your face. Hear me out.

This is ME, right? You know I don’t make overblown claims. There’s nothing fake about what I’m telling you. I’ve built up my business as an eyebrow expert in Sydney and if you’ve met me you know how down to earth and REAL I am. I’m proud to always tell it to you straight, so you know what I’m saying here isn’t some magical fairy tale.

It’s as REAL as I am. It happened to me. And now, I want to make it happen for you, too.

I want to tell you how I went from being an introvert to being an extrovert – even speaking to groups of people without being afraid.

I want to tell you how I freed myself from a lifetime of negative emotions. Do you know how liberating it is to finally love freely, without secretly believing I didn’t deserve love in return? To be able to just DELETE negative emotions as easily as you might delete an unwanted email?

Most importantly, I want to tell you about changes I’ve helped other people make since I’ve been practicing NLP coaching. NLP isn’t some kind of fringe field – publications like Psychology Today and Time Magazine have been raving about it for years already.

Through NLP, I’ve seen a man with a fear of Go-Karting after an accident finally daring to get back out there and face his fear! A chronic procrastinator who could never get the job done finally realizing the source of her problem and tackling tasks as life throws them at her!

There are so many stories, but the one story I want to hear most is YOUR story. Now that I have these tools and this certification, I want to use them to help others. Do you know anyone who wants to have better relationships, delete negative emotions, beliefs or phobias, practice timeline therapy, and set the goals in any area of their life, health and business? Of course you do. Maybe it’s you, maybe a friend or someone else you care about.

Please have them get in touch with me. Send me an e-mail on svburckhardt@gmail.com or call me on 049-778-4778. If I don’t answer right away, be sure to leave a message so I can personally get back to you right away. I also offer Skype consultation!