Perhaps I should start with a list of what mums don’t want this Mother’s Day? I could begin with the

clever husband who bought his wife a new drill…? He meant to be valiant – swore he’d use it for DIY

projects all around the house – and didn’t understand why she wasn’t thrilled.

Breakfast in bed is always nice, and handmade cards are lovely, but for the mum in your life, or any

special lady, why not choose one of these gifts that are a guaranteed hit for Mother’s Day 2017? Bonus

– they’re all made right here in Australia!


1. Jojoba body products from The Jojoba Company


Did you know that jojoba oil is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

and hypoallergenic? Now you do! Penetrating deep into the skin, this award-winning pure and natural

jojoba oil makes a terrific rejuvenating moisturizer or makeup remover. With packaging this lovely,

there’s no need to look abroad for a beautiful gift this year.


2. Naked Tan Goddess Cream from Naked Tan Australia


As an eyebrow expert, I’ve come to believe that every woman is a goddess, and here at last is a company who agree with us.

You can’t really go wrong with a blend of all-natural shea butter, cocoa butter, and aloe vera and this luscious cream helps you hold onto that glow just a little longer as we head into the chilly season.

As a bonus, it’s totally cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


3. Surf Bomb Salt Spray from Original & Mineral


If you haven’t heard about salt spray for your hair yet – you should! You’ll get fascinating piece-y

texture and volume, along with the tousled look that says you just took a dip in the sea, even on days

when all you did was pop into the shower. This company’s New York City shop has taken America by

storm – confirming what we’ve known all along!


4. And finally, may I recommend the gift of beauty… ?

As one of Sydney’s top eyebrow experts and professionals in cosmetic tattooing, I want to personally

recommend the gift of a new look. Our Gift Vouchers are perfect for this, even for women who don’t

think they’re “the type” to have beauty treatments – until they try it and fall in love. I have discovered

over the years that looking lovely on the outside is the best way to start feeling lovely on the inside.

We specialize in first-timers and people new to beauty treatments, and do all we can to make sure it’s a

wonderful experience. Gift Vouchers are good for all our services – from feather-stroke eyebrows to

cosmetic lash treatments to waxing and more.


When you give the gift of beauty, you’re telling that special person – your mum, wife, or special

someone – that she deserves to take a little time to pamper and care for herself. After all, this is a day

that’s all about love, for a person who is all about love – the selfless love that mothers give and deserve

to receive in return every single day of the year.