Eyebrows can either be bushy or smooth, arched or straight. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. They play an important role in expressing our mood.
There seems to be a connection between eyebrows and our well-being. For instance, they help to prevent rain and sweat from entering our eyes. They also play a key role in deflecting debris and protecting our eyes from the sun.


Eyebrows, however, are not limited to these functions. Apart from the role they play in maintaining our well-being, they also help in our facial expressions by conveying our emotions in ways that can be easily known. So, while planning to shave or pluck you need to remember their importance.


Just as eyebrows define our beauty and improve our well-being, so does complementary medicine improves our health. My friend – Tabitha, runs a service that’s aimed at helping her clients improve their well-being by awakening their health.

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She helps her clients achieve the best results by working closely with them towards their individual health goals and by also helping them live their lives to their fullest potentials. She achieves these through natural health care.

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