I love lots of things about the Melbourne Cup. Some of the things that I love about the game are the champagne, the horses, and of course, the fashion. It is essential to look not only beautiful but also fresh all day long because the Melbourne Cup is a long event. In this article, I have highlighted some areas that you need to pay attention to so that you can look awesome for the big day.


The Skin

Your skin needs to shine bright like a diamond (I took that line from Rihanna’s songJ). The skin usually looks dull and lacks lustre due to the build-up of dead skin cells. You can fix this by exfoliating your skin bi-weekly. To do this, wet your hands and put the exfoliating product of your choice into your palms. Rub both palms together to have a paste and then apply it to your face gently in a circular motion. Rub it into the corners around your nose as well as along the hairline. After application, rinse your face with warm water, pat it to dry and apply your skincare essentials. Make sure that you’ve been exfoliating your skin weeks before the commencement of the race.


The Brows

In case you don’t know, your brow holds much power. They have the power to either make or break your look. To have an awesome look, you need polished and well-plucked brows that frame your face perfectly. I’ll advise you don’t put your fate in your own hands. Let experts handle this for you. Book an appointment with Eye Brow Experts- we are your go-to brow pros and we’ll give you a gorgeous outlook.


The Hair

Frizzy hair is difficult to style. You can fix this by treating your hair to deep conditioning mask about twice every week. Ensure you do this at least a week before the game. This will help repair and nourish your hair back to its awesome state.



When you’re trying to look good for the big day, it is better you don’t try anything new. Don’t use any new products, treatments or makeups. I say this because you’re not sure of how your skin will react to the ingredients in these new products. So, the best thing to do is to stick with the products that you’re familiar with. Follow my tips and you’ll look glamorous for the D day.