Not long ago, an eyebrow specialist in Sydney would recommend using tweezer and wax to remove hair. Eventually, that progressed to electrolysis and bleaching, which then turned into countless kinds waxes, creams, and cover-ups. Despite the advancement of technology, these treatment options still exist in the beauty industry.
As a specialist who offers both eyebrow shaping in Sydney and Brazilian waxing in Sydney, I know what works and what doesn’t. Laser and IPL is hands down the best treatment option I have ever used on my clients.


There are several reasons why I prefer IPL. One reason is it works.

IPL was first invented for medical procedures that treated skin conditions. In the 1990s, scientists proved that IPL could be used as an effective treatment for hair removal, as a natural side effect of the procedure was permanent hair loss for patients. The intense pulsed light method was eventually fine-tuned for hair removal and marketed for that purpose. After the first machine was officially developed specifically for hair removal in 1996, it’s use has expanded dramatically. Today it is the third most common cosmetic treatment available.

Although IPL is similar to laser hair removal, the difference is in the light source. Instead of lasers, IPL uses light to zap hair away for good. It also uses a much boarder spectrum of light waves than lasers and filters these to better pinpoint its exact focus.

IPL works by targeting hair pigments, and heats up the hair follicle, thereby damaging the cells that ultimately cause your hair to come back. The effectiveness of the treatment option is dependent on the color of the skin and hair, however.


For my salon, I like to offer my clients a German motion technology system called the Allegro Motion System, which is the highest quality machine on the market but available at a more affordable price point. It was developed by doctors and is the most advanced IPL machine on the market. I also prefer it because it is one of the safest options while remaining the least painful treatment for hair removal possible. Fast and effective, I always recommend this option to my clients.

As an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I base all of my treatment options off my experience. You can believe me when I say that IPL works!
I’m looking forward to working with you!