IMG_1157Have you read my book Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen? If you haven’t, you absolutely must. It’s not just about Brazilians! It’s a fun and factual romp through my life as a beauty professional and confidante to hundreds of women.

Whenever women visit me in my Sydney studio, they bring their stories of insecurity, love and occasionally triumph. Whatever their stories, I love hearing and sharing them all – in a way that’s completely confidential, of course!

I wrote that book when I was pregnant and I just felt like it was the ultimate way to share everything I love about my work as a beauty professional. As the title says, waxing is part of it, but I enjoy every aspect, from eyebrow shaping to hair removal and cosmetic tattooing.

But the beauty business changes so quickly that I have SOoooo much more to share with you. I’m 100% positive there’s another book inside me just DYING to get out.

And that’s where you come in! I need to hear from you, my friends, about what topics you’d want to see included in the next book.

What do you want to read about? My practice includes absolutely everything, and I still have a million fun stories to tell along with a million insights that can help other women.

Reviewers all over the world have raved about Confessions. Help kickstart the excitement that the next book is sure to bring!