As an eyebrow specialist and a professional in the beauty industry, I’ve realized that every woman loves to look good. However, you don’t need to put on a heavy makeup to achieve this. It’s nice to have good eyebrows, a nice eyeliner as well as a nice tattoo color on your lips. All these will go a long way in giving you that great look that you crave for.

Well-shaped as well as groomed eyebrows, help to frame a woman’s face and provide her with a youthful appearance. The purpose of this piece is to reach out to moms and moms-to-be and enlighten them to understand the power that lies in well-groomed eyebrows.

Well-shaped eyebrows coupled with the right color eyebrow tint takes years off the face of ladies. A particular brow will fit a specific face. This is because no two brows are similar and we don’t have one template to fit everyone. I always urge my clients to ensure that they keep a shapely brow and not tamper with the fullness. The most important thing when it comes to brow is finding the right balance. Nicely-shaped eyebrows will make you feel good about yourself each time you stare in the mirror.


As we grow older, we tend to lose color in our brows and eyelashes. I’ll advise those in this category to tint their brows and lashes so that they give the face definition and dimension and to also brighten up the entire face. Also, as we age, hormonal hairs start growing in the brows. These are usually long and have a coarse texture. They are usually white or gray in color. Do not pull too many of these hairs out on your own to prevent creating ‘holes’ in your brow. All you need is a professional attention and that’s where eyebrow specialists like me come in. The most suitable solution for this is lightening the eyebrow.

Lots of people do ask if they should follow trends when it comes to shaping eyebrows. The fact is, trends do come and go with brows. The most important thing is to go with whatever suits you. The first step is to find an eyebrow specialist that will guide you on the right path. For instance, I know my client’s eyebrows very well and it’ll be easy for me to know when a hair is missing. The truth is, once you find a brow expert, you will never leave her.


Maintenance of Brows

Maintenance of eyebrows at home should be kept to the barest minimum. Do not wax yourself at home, although it’s okay to pluck the hairs found below your brow line. An eyebrow specialist will provide you with the best eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tattooing that suit your face. You can even enroll for an eyebrow shaping course to learn how it’s done.

You can also get a good brow pencil or powder so that your color can be kept fuller as well as polished for longer. Powders will help you create fullness while pencils will fill gaps and create lines. You can then slick a good brow gel over the top to keep the brow hairs in place and provide you with a great look.

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