Do you ever wish you could iron away your wrinkles and other unattractive signs of ageing? Well, now you can! Walk away after only one treatment with skin that feels years healthier and results that last and LAST!


Age and stress takes their toll. Even if you can’t see it happening, smoking, tanning and other environmental causes can accelerate the causes of aging and increase the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, undereye bags, and ugly shadows.

Let YOUR inner beauty shine through with Galvanic AgeLOC!

We’re thrilled to present one of the most exciting beauty treatments of the twenty-first century, now available in Australia through EyebrowExperts, among the top beauty practices in Sydney and creators of our innovative eyebrow shaping course.

Galvanic AgeLOC is a gentle, non-invasive two-stage system. Both stages have two goals: driving out toxins and driving in nutritious, refreshing ingredients that will help you look great and feel years younger. And it’s not just for your face – it works on almost any area of the face, neck, body or scalp!


First, we hydrate and infuse your complexion with the pre-treatment gel, a special blend of essential extracts of marigold, sea kelp, vanilla and more. It binds to toxins in your skin, drawing harmful elements out to leaving the area more toned and healthier.

Then, we begin the spa treatment cycle, passing the Galvanic AgeLOC instrument gently over your skin. The instrument is gentle but powerful. You’ll barely notice as its low-level electrical current pushes nutrients from the treatment gel deeper into your skin, while using its positive charge to pull out negatively-charged impurities.


Is Galvanic AgeLOC only for wrinkled or damaged skin?

No! Because treatment with the Galvanic AgeLOC system draws out toxins and infuses your skin with beneficial nutrients, it can actually COUNTERACT the subtle effects of aging even before you notice them!

Is Galvanic AgeLOC treatment painful?

Quite the opposite! Most people report that treatment with the Galvanic AgeLOC spa instrument is like a gentle massage. All you’ll notice is the gentle beeping that lets us know it’s working. Forget “no pain, no gain!” There is absolutely no downside to this treatment. Your skin will thank you!

How does the Galvanic AgeLOC system achieve such great results?

The Galvanic AgeLOC instrument is self-adjusting, meaning it senses the thickness of your skin and applies exactly the current needed for that area – more or less according to your skin’s needs. Because it uses a very low level of current, it is entirely safe and comfortable for almost anyone to use.

When will I notice it working?

Most people who try the Galvanic AgeLOC spa treatment report that their skin looks and feels great immediately. However, results will become more visible as you continue treatment through several sessions in the same region. Ask about our 3-treatment special! Focused on one area, this lets you follow through and experience even greater long-term results.