Hey, guys: big hair is out – at least below the waist! The stats are in: about 1/3 of men are grooming “down there,” removing hair in the pubic area. But the bad news is that most of them are plucking, shaving and waxing at home by themselves – techniques that are both uncomfortable and ineffective, leading to fast regrowth, stubble, itching and ingrown hairs. Ouch!

According to the U.K. survey, men are also removing hair in other areas of the body, like nose and ears, eyebrows, chest and back. The natural look just doesn’t have the street cred it once did – girls and guys want partners who put in the time and care about their looks.

It used to be for gay guys only, but today, the sleek, streamlined look on a man is earning oohs and aahs from straight women and gay partners alike. And every guy we’ve talked to adores the feeling of being touched skin-to-skin. Everyone deserves to love and be loved! You deserve the intimacy of getting close to another person, without all that hair getting in the way.

So let’s see… you want to be gorgeous all over, right? Utterly touchable and irresistible? So how can you get the look without the agony? How can you achieve long-lasting, smoothly strokable results without spending a fortune?

Men, it’s time to learn from the ladies! Ask your girlfriends; they know. When it comes to hair removal, you’ve got to turn to a pro. It’s a new generation, and this ain’t your grandpa’s straight razor!


Worried that professional waxing and laser hair removal will cost you more? In the long run, you’ll save money, effort and a ton of time. And you’ll end up with a manly look that’s groomed WITHOUT the hassle.

Stand up and demand the best waxing and eyebrow shaping Sydney has to offer! Eyebrow tattooing is another simple option for men looking for a long-term low-maintenance solution. And we are absolutely the most skilled and experienced when it comes to waxing and the latest IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, effective even on light hair – for any area of your body!


This trend towards higher standards in male body-hair grooming comes at a time when the bearded look is being revived all over the world.

Should a man with a beard still keep himself trimmed below the neck? Absolutely! There’s no contradiction at all in a guy who’s a bear up top going bare – or tastefully shaped – down there.

Gay or straight, you want a look that shares what you feel and who you are deep inside. Looking terrific – trimmed and sleek – is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment – and keeping your partner snuggling in close with satisfaction at the same time!