Every one of us has run into various problems with our eyebrows, however, as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I have complied the top three most common eyebrow problems I see from my customers. I pride myself in offering the best eyebrow shaping Sydney has available, which is why I want to reach out and help you avoid these mistakes via my professional eyebrow shaping course. Before you get to that point, check out these common eyebrow problems.

1. Eyebrows are too sparse or thin, maybe even non-existent.


This is a common problem many women face. As we age, our hair follicles die more rapidly, and unfortunately don’t grow back. Often when a client comes to see me with this issue I am forced to give the brow a structure and create a shape without much hair to work with. However, it is possible, and with tinting and well-chosen styling products, you can achieve some symmetry and fullness in your brow. I explain more of these options in my eyebrow shaping course.

2. Gaps or scars in the Eyebrow



Gaps and scars can make it difficult on me as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney. It is not uncommon for untrained beauty specialists to attempt removing the gaps to correct the problem, but this can cause unevenness in the brows themselves. I prefer to simply work around this gap and create a unique shape around it. Once again, the right styling products can create volume and work wonders. A hair stroke tattooing solution is also a perfectly good option.

3. Extra-long eyebrowsimages

Even the best eyebrow shaping Sydney based service has to contend with extra-long eyebrows every now and again. This causes the eyes to droop downwards with the eyebrows. Styled eyebrows should always point upwards and outwards when properly managed. This creates the desired shape and effect.

Learn more eyebrow styling solutions by joining my eyebrow shaping course and discover a better shape for your face.