In this fast paced generation where you need to be always on the go, saving time means living your life to the fullest. And who would not want to look glamorous each day without spending too much time infront of the mirror trying to correct your looks?

We are lucky today that all the means to look stunning are within reach just like designer lip liner or full lip colour tattooing by Svetlana Burckhardt. And the cost for a treatment that lasts about four years is incomparable to the time saved and the happiness and confidence you will have gained. A cosmetic tattoo is one of the nicest things that you can do as a wonderful investment for yourself.


Lips are the sensuous feature of your face. That is why defining its line and/or implanting colour to enhance it is something one should consider. Lip liner tattooing is excellent for people who have no definite lip shape, pale, uneven or damaged lips. It is ideal for ladies with ‘crease lines’ or ladies who have had lip augmentation. Here colour is implanted in a fine or thick line on the outer edge of lips, giving a lovely-defined shape to the mouth.


What then is lip blending? It is the procedure of blending colour from the lip line onto part of the lips, making the outline less obvious. This can be in the same colour as the lip line to look natural or a bold colour. This technique is best to fill in white areas where the lip line has been extended away from the natural lip line or to balance a crooked lip shape.

This treatment can make the lips look fuller. However, to achieve a more natural look a light to medium colour must be used. Color implant on the other hand is ideal for people who have very pale, uneven lip colour, especially for the mature client. On this procedure one must set the right expectation, the colour implanted on the skin will fade a bit after healing. 20 to 60 percent of the implanted colour might be lessen depending on the skin type, colour being applied and the home care given on the lips.

Wanting to achieve that lips that everyone envied about? One that is lusciously full and well defined? A lipstick that never comes off when you eat, drink or even kiss! No doubt this procedure is best for you.