Time is increasingly scarce for a majority of my eyebrow clients who will try to squeeze a wax in on their lunch break or amidst running errands after they have dropped the kids off at school.

Nora Lancaster had been to me several times but I could tell that it had been a while because her eyebrows were in great need of a wax! I greeted her with a smile and directed her back to the treatment room.

Now an eyebrow wax is a different procedure altogether because my complete service includes customised shaping and a total eyebrow makeover. The entire wax takes around 45 minutes for the first visit and 30 minutes for maintenance touch-ups. With an eyebrow treatment, I don’t perform a speed wax since my service is a unique and personalised procedure that takes time to get the most flattering shape for each individual.

As I begun Nora’s eyebrow wax, I immediately noticed that we had a minor situation on our hands. This was something that I had unfortunately seen before where Nora’s eyebrows didn’t match her actual hair color or the beautiful tone of her skin.

It always astonishes me just how many clients don’t put thought into the grooming of their eyebrows as much as they do into the dying, cutting, and styling of their hair. Sure enough, Nora had gorgeous long, dark hair that was thick and healthy, and she also had beautiful, pale skin that was almost porcelain

However, her eyebrows were grey, bushy and long not complementing her glamorous hair and skin, and even worse, they were making her look much older than her years.To ease Nora into her eyebrow treatment I decided to use my effective and true tactic of complimenting her based on how her eyebrows could look after some dedicated grooming.“Nora, you have such gorgeous dark hair that contrasts beautifully with your porcelain skin, and I can just envision how striking you would look with tinted, trimmed, and shaped eyebrows!” I exclaimed!

“What do you mean?” Nora looked puzzled. I was just thinking you could do some light shaping because I really don’t want a big change.”How could I put this tactfully?“Nora, with all due respect, you are an absolutely gorgeous woman, but your eyebrows don’t match your hair color and they make you look much older than your age.”I waited for a moment to see if my comment had offended her, and she actually laughed! Thank goodness.“Well, at least I know I can trust you since you give it to me straight! Do whatever you think is best to make my eyebrows look less ancient.” Nora said with a wink.

That was all the permission I needed as I got to work right away shaping, tinting, and trimming her stray and grey eyebrow hairs. By the time that I was finished with Nora’s treatment, approximately 40 minutes later, she looked like a completely different person, and looked a good 10 years younger! I handed Nora a mirror to inspect her eyebrow art and she was immediately overjoyed. “Oh my God! You’re right! I do look younger!

This was better than a facelift – thank you so much for being honest!” I finished cleaning off the wax and applying a soothing ice lotion to her skin to conclude the treatment. As I was applying the post-wax cleanser to remove the excess wax residue, I noticed Nora’s eyes studying my aesthetician room. She immediately noticed me watching her and gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Sorry! I am such a neat freak and I constantly obsess over any offices I visit to ensure they are clean. Fortunately your room is really clean, and I’m impressed because you’d be surprised how dirty most of the offices I visit are!”

I have to give Nora credit as she owns a cleaning business, so she is identical to me when it comes to being exceptionally tidy.It was actually relative that Nora should mention this since one of my pet peeves in the salon industry is a salon professional that doesn’t take cleaning their workspace seriously. Cleanliness not only makes an excellent impression on your client, but is vital to preventing the spread of dirt, bacteria, and disease. Even when you are waxing, there is a risk for a small amount of blood during the procedure, so cleanliness and sanitation is of the utmost importance.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!